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First an army, now EU nuclear weapons on the horizon..

by Westmonster - March 6, 2017

The New York Times is reporting that Eurocrats are considering obtaining nuclear weapons as they feel they can no longer rely on protection from America. Support for the proposal seems to come largely from the Germans.

The plan would see France and even Britain’s nuclear deterrents put under EU control. Roderich Kiesewetter, a German foreign policy spokesman told a German newspaper: “My idea is to build on the existing weapons in Great Britain and France,” however he did admit Brexit may put a spanner in the plan to include Britain. Very big of him

Kiesewetter’s plan would see the EU take control of France’s nukes, finance them with German money and force other European member states to store warheads in their countries.

Angela Merkel has denied such a plan exists, but it is undeniably being discussed at the highest levels of government across Europe. Hungary and Poland voiced their support of such a plan shortly after Kiesewetter gave his interview.

Most chilling of all is the fact that Kiesewetter said: “These are political weapons. Their use must be unpredictable”. Given how europhiles denied there were plans for an EU army, talk of them now obtaining a ‘political weapon’ should send shivers down every European’s spine.

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PLEASE ask God to protect our beloved Australians from the seventy ruinous bush fires now raging in two States with threat to Sidney, with air quality in Sidney and in Brisbaine 450 miles away worse than Beijing, China!

Lives have been lost and homes destroyed with no end in sight following the worst drought conditions with little rainfall in three years causing extreme dried out conditions!

I'm listening in tonight with Fiona Willie on ABC radio. Google They are presently warning residents in some areas that it is no longer safe to leave and to protect themselves in their present location. Warning that a car is not a safe place during a fire, but if necessary to protect your life park your vehicle in an open area pointed towards the fire, get below the window level and cover yourself with a wool blanket until the sound of the fire has passed! This is the reality of the present most serious situation.

Someone is warning "don't be a 'Sticky Beak' by driving into the fire area to see what's going on" please take this warning. Haven't herd that expression for a very long time since I was a boy living in Geelong, Victoria. My prayers are with you tonight Australia.

I would like to introduce you to a good friend, Ronald Laughland. See his short video clips on Twitter, Instagram/IGTV and YouTube.

His detailing of coming US and World events provides the warning we need to seek protection from dangerous times just ahead.

See 'THE WONDERFUL NEW WORLD' described at Enter ' on YouTub' on the Google search.



The EU has just announced the re-appointment of Measure Barnier their lead negotiator to head up the next phase of their trade negotiations with Britain. He has announced this will take another THREE YEARS during which time he will complete the nullification of the British peoples 1.4 Million majority vote to LEAVE the forming European political union now being forced on ALL European nations by the Germany-Vatican controlled European Council, Commission and Parliament.

The British peoples vote to take back their right to trade freely with the rest of the world once again will allow the average British family to enjoy lower prices on every day used products from foot ware and clothing, to house hold goods.

Britain would become a 'Free Port Nation' once more upon which the greatest seafaring free-trade nation in history was built by trading freely with the rest of the world, this is the freedom a 'clean break' Brexit will return to the British people in trading with all other nations.

The right to take back control of their TWO HUNDRED MILES of fishing waters worth Billions to the nation will permanently be taken away in further negotiations with the EU. At the present time Britain is ALLOWED to take only SEVEN PERCENT of the catch out of its own fishing waters! Because of this the British fishing fleet has been all but totally wiped out over forty years. The French are allotted TWENTY PERCENT because the EU has never ceased to be a French-German controlled club.

Northern Ireland Sacrificed?

So, Northern Ireland was sacrificed within twenty four hours after the German Chancellor had told the British Prime Minister that "Britain could not leave the EU taking Northern Ireland with it, that "Southern Ireland would have a VETO over N.I. leaving" he called the Irish Prime Minister and the deal was done. When the German Chancellor speaks ALL in Europe obey!!!

Isn't it wonderful how the Kingdom of Ulster has survived all these years, and then with a phone call a dishonest Boris Johnson can give away the only part of Great Britain which did not need its citizens to be drafted to serve in World War Two because of the overwhelming numbers of Ulster men and women who rushed to VOLINTEAR.

Do the governing bodies in Europe and Britain actually BELIEVE THEY HAVE ANY SAY OVER THE DESTANY OF NORTHERN IRELAND a Kingdom which has existed for 2,500 years? This huge ERROR has been made before, with RESOUNDING REFUSAL by the people of ULSTER, Protestant and Catholic alike and on occasion in the form of the United Irish Men of Ulster who stood against British aggression.

PATRIOTS FROM AFAR may believe 'A DEAL CAN BE DONE IN A PHONE CALL' BUT Winston Churchill's father who served in Northern Ireland made a profound statement which rang through 'the halls of Stormont' in a former time of British Betrayal which will assure that Northern Ireland remains independent from EU-Vatican control!

'Treasure Island' Should JUST LEAVE...


Then, you can deal with Europe from a point of S T R E N G T H! German industry NEEDS THE BRITISH MARKET INTO WHICH EVERY THIRD GERMAN PRODUCED B. M. W. IS SOLD, eighty five percent of vehicles sold in Britain are imports! This is why German industrialists call Britain 'TREASURE ISLAND' the second largest economy in Europe!

France depends on the sale of Millions of bottles of FRENCH WINE AND CHAMPAGNE and TONS of CHEESES and FISH to Britain every year. All twenty six remaining nations depend on the British market to take SEVEN PERCENT of each of their exports worth Billions. EUROPE CAN'T AFFORD N O T TO DEAL FAIRLY ONCE BRITAIN IS O U T! SO, TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, I SAY - JUST HAVE ENOUGH COURAGE TO L E A V E!

Coming In The Future

In the same week the German Chancellor ordered that Northern Ireland be seperated from Britain in the Customs Union, Joseph Morelli former EU President and the future head of European Foreign Policy stated: "WE NEED TO HAVE 60,000 TROOPS ON THE GROUND READY TO ACT!"



With the greatest respect, PLEAE REMEMBER YOU HAVE BEEN W A R N E D!!!

See the short 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the in-depth 'America And Britain In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the Free Library.


What After: The Steel Dossier & Impeachment Hearings Against An American President?

I have been concentrating on the British 'Brexit' debacle, the urgency of Britain's struggle to FREE ITSELF from German-Vatican control over ALL European nations, and because of this have neglected to comment on events in the U.S.

Well, ELECTION YEAR is rolling around and ANY way to bring down the President seems fair play-Mr. President-get a dog!

After the Russia hoax failure to destroy him, now the Joe Biden Families Ukraine financial dealings cover up to protect the Democrats front runner is in full swing with an "Impeach the President" smoke screen enquiry which will feed the liberal press for months and will not receive the votes to succeed, and of course they know this but what a fire storm the media are creating!

The BIG Mistake

The big mistake made early on in our democracies founding, was the decision to create POLITICAL PARTIES - AGAINST THE WARNING FROM GEORGE WASHINGTON -N O T TO DO SO- has destroyed the democratic process in AMERICA and BRITAIN and the rest of the world with our HOUSES DIVIDED AGAINST THEMSELVES!!! Now we live with total stalemate!!!

The 'People's Business' was being done quite efficiently by their states representatives before the error of forming parties occurred, the fact that there were NONE in the very early days has been long forgotten. The fact that our governments could and would function EFFICENTLY WITHOUT POLITICAL PARTIES SEEMS UNTHINKABLE? So, its not too late? NO, but it is too late.

What I Found Here

When I first came to Canada and to the United States forty years ago, I was impresses by the clean cut appearance and work ethic of Canadian and American middle-class youth busily achieving an education and at the same time earning income in many of the more menial task part time minimum wage jobs available to them. The sense of 'decency about earning a living' which was deeply instilled in me and in these generations has always impressed me, and this still exists in the American and Canadian people of today, the most productive work force per individual in the world!

But, unfortunately this image of British and American culture has been greatly tarnished by the upheaval in family life in the last forty years with both parents working and with a fifty percent divorce rate destroying our families, and by the extensive drug usage of our young and old alike. In 2018 drug death actually reversed the life expectancy rate in the US!!!

So called 'woman's liberation' has led to an almost one million a year abortion rate in the US!!! Never in world history has a nation killed its unborn at such a rate, A TOTAL SHAME AND DISGRACE TO AMERICA and BRITAIN and to CANADA and to AUSTRALIA and to the rest of our related nations in Western and North Western Europe!!!

This example has been followed by other nations together with the rest of our bad behavior being exported around the world the VERY OPPOSITE TO THE EXAMPLE GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE SHOULD BE SETTING THE WORLD!!!

We Are Gods' Chosen People!

As readers may well know by now, the British and American's are blood relatives, this is why 'the special relationship.' Both nations are descended from the two son's of Joseph-of that coat of many colors fame (which was actually plaid-tartan) no doubt you have been subjected to at least a glimpse of the musical which has turned another biblical figure into someone of no major world shattering importance.

Joseph's father was Jacob, who's name was changed to ISRAEL, who's descendants became the inheritors of a promise from God, that WE would become the wealthiest nations on earth because of that promise made by God to their forefather Abraham.

You can find this recorded in Genesis 35 Verse 11 (not referring to the band). America and the British descendant nations such as, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and in addition, the Nations of Western and North Western Europe and Ireland are the inheritors of that promise made to all twelve sons of ISRAEL, occupying the richest agricultural lands on earth, actually controlling 70% of the wealth of the entire world! No SMALL PROMISE!!!

Judah was one of the TWELVE sons of Israel, he did not receive the promise of great wealth as a nation. Judah was given the gift of ROYALTY becoming the Kings of Israel! That Royal lineage still exists today as the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY. See the short 'From Jerusalem To London' on Page1 of the Library, listen the short video on the Video Carousel by the same title.

German-EU-Vatican Alliance!

The German-Vatican alliance which has existed since Germany became Europe's protector against the Muslim invasion of Europe centuries ago continues today, I find high school age Americans in Starbuck's writing papers on European history. European's will be shocked to hear this as many in Europe choose to consider young American's ignorant and uneducated, NOT SO BY ANY MEANS, European education lacks an awful lot of TRUTH because it is greatly influenced by CATHOLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION instilling Vatican inspired hatred of these Protestant nations!

The German-Vatican alliance is alive and well uneasy though their relations will become, mainly because of the Vatican's belief that THEY control Europe and most of the rest of the world, you may remember Napoleon crowning himself instead of allowing the Vatican representatives stood around him to do so!

And of course the soon coming German appointed DICTATOR-PRESIDENT WILL KNOW HE RULES EUROPE AND WILL GO FORTH TO CONQUER THE REST OF THE WORLD JUST AS HITLER DID!!! The German-Vatican power struggle will finally lead to HIM NUKING ROME AND VATICAN CITY, but that is another part of the story for a future installment of the greatest story ever told!

Soon Coming, In Coming!


This will leave our nations open to a coming Military Invasion from Europe with the half billion population of South America very much involved! The VATICAN controls all of these South American Roman Catholic Nations just as they do the Roman Catholic Nations in Europe which will give their Armed Forces support to G E R M A N Y ORDERED BY THE VATICAN TO 'BACK GERMAN LEAD MILITARY ACTIONS' with twenty three EU nations presently merging their forces into the GERMAN ARMY!!!

Once More: A Repeat Of History

And the time comes when a forgiving God who really does exist grows tired and weary of this 'INKED UP SO SELF IMPORTANTLY CONFIDENT GENERATION' and decides to destroy ninety percent of it, leaving only enough of our populations to begin our nations existence again based on a completely different set of HIS TRUE VALUES!


Allowed By God!

These coming events will be allowed by the one true God who really does exist, who watched over the founding of our nations and who has protected our British and American descendant nations since their establishment in the Western World, using Germany and their ancestors the ancient Assyrian's to discipline our nations over the centuries since the days of ancient Israel who's descendants WE ARE.

Now, because of our monumental NATIONAL SIN'S we will be left to suffer HUMILATING DEFEAT IN A THIRD WORLD WAR!!! Later to have the remainder of our nations populations rescued by the same ALL POWERFUL GOD who, to our newer generations surprise and with their MOST GREATFUL THANKS, will recognize the EXISTANCE of these Two Incredible Beings!

The Sins Of The Parents

This is because of the sins of the parents who throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's, departed so far from many of the TRUE VALUES with which our nations were founded, and this W A R N I N G goes to those who have totally transformed themselves from the values of the generation which I found still remaining to an extent on the North American Continent after arriving from the British Isles only FORTY SHORT YEARS ago!



With the greatest respect, PLEAE REMEMBER YOU HAVE BEEN W A R N E D!!!

See the short 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the in-depth 'America And Britain In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the Free Library.



The latest British effort to maintain its markets within the EU trade block is to send representatives to individual European nations with offers of free trade with Britain. This has been responded to with a letter sent by the EU chief negotiator Michelle Barnier encouraging the member states to stand firm against the British attempt to divide the European Union.

Obviously the influence of the Catholic hierarchy in all EU catholic countries will also have been brought to bear on any of the many Catholic nations yielding to British influence to trade freely with Britain.

There is a major split coming between Western and North Western nations in Europe, and those predominantly Catholic nations united with Germany who will remain under the EU flag. This will eventually produce an AGRESSIVE MILITARISED TEN NATION UNION headed by GERMANY and strongly influenced by THE VATICAN!

Watch for this as the present situation in Europe progresses.

Boris Uses Barnier 'Backstop' Deception!

Within days lovable fast-talking 'Boris' as he is affectionately known by the British public has verbalized what many have suspected of him. After taking charge as Prime Minister, making a few great speeches and giving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland a large sum of money in order to 'share the wealth' more equally around the nation, some say as a bribe to have their government officials agree with what he will do in the weeks ahead.

He has declared the 'Backstop' tieing Northern Ireland to EU trade laws definitely unacceptable, and the Thirty Nine Billion Pounds EU departure settlement will not be paid until a new trade deal is reached. In essence saying all the right things, telling the Brexit voters and the British people what they wanted to hear.

He Drops The Clanger In Wales

NOW, within days he slips in the 'Mucky Fin' whilst speaking in Wales before arriving in Northern Ireland, he casually talks of leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union "IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF YEARS!"

So, in reality he intends the same deceptive BETRAYAL of Brexit as Theresa May! This was picked up on by Nigel Farage and the audio of the statement played to his large British LBC Radio audience on the same day it was uttered!

Reverse Barnier 'Backstop' Phycology

While Measure Barnier the EU chief negotiator created the controversy over the Irish border in order to distract the British people away from the disastrous contents in the FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PAGE TREATY already signed by former Prime Minister May, Boris is now using his intended dismissal of the Backstop to continue the same distraction in order to have May's already signed TREATY finally approved by the British Parliament - minus the Backstop whilst hailing "WHAT A GOOD BOY AM I" hoping that the British people will not see through the same Barnier-Boris deception!


A Huge Loss of Character

This leads me to wonder, can someone who was born in New York City in the year the Beatles played the Edd Sullivan Show actually possess the Churchillian spirit? Scripture tells us that 'all of our great leaders would be taken away' that the strength of our nation's character will have been exhausted by now!

He possesses the moral character of our generation with the same conceited ability to lie to the British public and to get away with it, just as Theresa May attempted to do for three years! This, unfortunately, has landed our nation deeper in the proverbial soup, watered-down minestrone as it may be.

We could have had multiple trade deals made around the world in the last three years, and Britain would be prospering as a 'free port nation' once again, one of the spectacular benefits which made this ISLAND NATION GREAT! NOW, we need some HONESTY with true strength of CHARACTER and NO MORE SLIGHT OF HAND BY OUR POLITICAL CLASS!!!


Of course it will be easy for Britain to technically leave on the date the Prime Minister has promised, by simply allowing the time to run out. Present British law demands this, but would Britain then be free to deal with the rest of the world. The answer to this according to the signed and sealed British-EU five hundred and fifty page treaty is NO!

THIS Thresa May SIGNED TREATY ratified by the heads of all twenty eight nations will become the greatest bone of contention in the coming years as EU leaders claim that BRITAIN HAS BROKEN THE TREATY leading to war!!!

No More Submissive Black!

On your next visit with our Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Johnson, please advise the Queen that it is no longer necessary for her to attend audiences with the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Over the years I have witnessed these occasions with Her Royal Highness wearing the SUBMISSIVE BLACK commanded by the Vatican! There is NO NEED for the head of the Church of England to submit to the Vatican!

Please inform Her Majesty that she has been ill advised, and that this will be NO LONGER NECESSERY OR DESIRED, that Britain's Queen and coming King has NO NEED to subject themselves to any further contact with officials of the Church at Rome including those Roman Catholic Clergy advisers in Buckingham Palace.



In a recent interview Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Southern Ireland and former Brussels EU government employee admitted that IRELAND NO LONGER MAINTAINS NUTRALITY IN TIME OF WAR! That his government HAS SURRENDERED IRISH NUTRALITY STATIS TO EUROPE!!!

He has admitted that Ireland has been signed up to be a part of the now forming Euro Army-Navy-Air Force at present with twenty-three EU nations armed forces being merged into the GERMAN ARMY!!!

You may ask "well what does this have to do with Ireland, we have no armed forces to contribute?"


The first time the Irish people see German-EU tanks in the Irish countryside and on the streets of Irish Cities REMEMBER THIS WARNING IRELAND!

And of course Ireland continues to be the GERMAN-EU Army's easiest way into England in the COMING WAR, just as it has been for centuries. This is why the British government refused to relinquish their hold on all of Ireland and why twenty airfields were constructed in Northern Ireland during World War Two, in order to move allied forces into Ireland if Germany began landing forces on Irish soil.


Just as this little man continues to 'lay down the law' of the EU Commission to the British People, throwing the demands of the Commission in the faces of the British government, stating that there will be "NO further Backstop negotiations and NO further trade negotiations." Sounding like he is running for a future presidency of the EU rather than taking the interests of the IRISH PEOPLE to heart.


A FULL FIFTY PERCENT OF IRISH EXPORTS GO TO BRITAIN, paid for in BRITISH POUNDS! A quarter of all Irish overseas trade is done with the US paid in US DOLLARS! And ONLY ONE-QUARTER of Irish trade is done with EUROPE!

Britain and Ireland have had THE FRIENDLIEST BORDER IN EUROPE long before the EU existed with MILLIONS OF IRISH PEOPLE LIVING IN ENGLAND without having to seek any permission to do so!


No one need worry about dealing with the border question, it is practically THE FRIENDLIEST BORDER IN THE WORLD! This is being use as a DECEPTIVE TACTIC to take the attention of the British people away from looking at the contents of the BRITISH BETRAYAL contained in the FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PAGE TREATY!

And by the way 'the Irish border' is no longer seen as 'the Irish border' by the heads of Europe, to them "IT HAS BECOME A EUROPEAN BORDER!"


Irish Descended From Jacob-Israel

Believe it or believe it not the Irish People are family to the English, and to the Scots, and to the Welch, and NOT to the Germans and not to Rome! RELATED BY BLOOD through the family of Jacob who's name was changed to Israel.

The Irish people are one half of Dan one of the twelve sons of the man called Jacob-Israel, the other half of Dan are the Danish people who named their nation after their forefather DAN. See the very interesting short articles on Page 1 of the Free Library 'Where Are The Twelve Nations Of Israel Located' and 'Where Did The Twelve Apostle's Go.'

Christ sent them 'to the lost people of Israel' To IRELAND and to SCOTLAND, that is why ANDREW is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and to the English and the Welch! The original Apostles established the true Church of God in Ireland and in Britain and in Western and North Western Europe SIX HUNDRED YEARS BEFORE a man was sent from Rome bringing FALSE Christianity to Ireland weakening the strength of the Irish people and abusing IRISH FAMILIES over hundreds of years!!!

The English people are the descendants of one of the two sons of Joseph, Jacobs youngest son (that famous coat or cloak of many colours was tartan by the way.) Joseph's youngest son was named Ephraim who was given the birthright promise that his descendants would become a great 'company of nations,' see Genesis 35:11, the British Empire now the British Commonwealth of Nations, America became the great nation mentioned there.

So, the Irish people who's forefather was DAN, are the direct descendants of Britain and America's UNCLE DAN of the FAMILY of ISRAEL. You are all FAMILY!

See the short 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the in-depth 'America And Britain In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the Free Library which contains a Chapter on THE TRUE STORY OF THE IRISH PEOPLE which the Catholic Church in Ireland has hidden from the Irish people! See detail in important articles on Page 2 of Librarian's Comments. Also learn the outcome of the events now occurring in the British and European Parliaments which will greatly affect the lives of the IRISH PEOPLE!!!

See videos on the Home Page including 'A Warning To The Irish People' which explains where the Vatican controlled EU government is drawing Ireland now that THE IRISH GOVERNMENT HAS GIVEN UP THE RIGHT TO BE NUTRAL IN A TIME OF WAR-AGAINST BRITAIN!!!

He Is NOT Working For Ireland?

Leo should spend most of his time to promote better relations with the British government becoming a better representative of the Irish people by taking care of IRISH INTERESTS to maintain the SALE OF IRISH BEEF products consumed by almost all British Beef Eaters.

I will be enjoying a delicious American grown, hormone injected 6 oz.. mid-week steak special for only $10:99... with baked potato and chlorinated salad this evening at the local Texas Steak House in C.A.

The future British-US trade deal could supply all the beef products Britain needs for probably half the price paid for Irish beef if he continues to project his hostility!

So, Mr. Varadkar please hold the interests of the IRISH PEOPLE above those of your EU Commission friends to whom you are showing more loyalty by your BAD TREATMENT of IRELAND'S BEST TRADING PARTNER!

Two False Statements

In a recent television interview you made two FALSE STATEMENTS on the Brexit vote! Saying that this was won by "a small majority to leave" and "by a narrow margin in the vote to leave" NOT SO as you well know Mr. Varadkar the MAJORITY WIN WAS 1.4 MILLION VOTES by the British people!

If you recall the Irish people voted in a referendum against the proposed European Constitution to turn the EU into a ONE NATION EUROPE, the Irish people voted N O and this was overturned in a second vote after the EU politicians had used their power of persuasion on the Irish government.

This is what they expect of the British. But the British people DO NOT WANT TO BELONG TO A GERMAN-VATICAN DOMINATED ONE NATION E U R O P E and neither should the Irish people.

The French President said recently 'if he gave the French people a referendum they would also vote to leave the EU' and so would several Western and North Western European Nations! And they will!

Only T E N militarized Nations will remain and they will use OVERWHELMING MILITARY FORCE to take control of ALL OF EUROPE including old IRELAND!!!

Attacking Trump

In a recent interview, Mr. Varadkar bragged about the successful 'free trade deals' being made by the EU in contrast to "the present America administration turning away from free trade" a reference to US tariffs being placed on some nations exports into the U.S. market.

The EU trade imbalance with the U.S. is ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION ANNUALLY to Europe's advantage! President Trump wants this imbalance correct to a more equal TRUE FREE TRADE condition. Can Mr. Varadkar please explain on who's side the unfair trade practices are carried out in order to create and maintain this UNFAIR trading policy?

The EU imports policy is laden with rules and regulations blocking U.S. imports from entering the European market, as is Japans and Chinas trade rules. Hence a one hundred and fifty Billion imbalance with Japan and a four to five hundred Billion trade imbalance with China!

The sum total of all world trade rules made to keep U.S. goods out of their countries markets with NO U.S. RESTRICTIONS imposed over the last seventy years has been one of the main causes of the now crippling TWENTY-TWO TRILLION DOLLAR US NATIONAL DEBT! THIS SITUATUIN M U S T BE CORRECTED in order for the U.S. to pay for it's maintenance of world peace.

And that is what President Trump is steadfastly in the process of DOING and YOU and your European buddies DO NOT LIKE IT Mr. Varadkar, shame on you. Most EU Nations still refuse to pay their two percent to NATO and have had US tax-payer's foot 'seventy percent' of the huge bill of protecting Europe during the last seventy-five years!

It is truly in the FREE WORLDS INTERESTS to see the U.S. prosper again and IRELAND'S Taoiseach should be speaking out in America's defense, NOT condemning the efforts of the first President since World War Two to do this!

Vatican Control of Europe

The twelve golden stars and the blue background of the EU flag is taken from around the shoulders of the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary! All but one EU Presidents have been Roman Catholic, that's how Catholic you must be to represent the European Union. Perhaps the smooth-talking Taoiseach aspires to become the next President of Europe?

The Irish people should have had enough of this guy by the end of his term in office, even though he claims no loyalty to Rome, he seriously kisses ... in the Catholic controlled EU Brussels government.


Erin Go Bragh!

Hay-Hay HELLO Mary-Lou

The leader of the terrorist supporting Sinn Fein Party has made her presence felt by calling for a 'Border Poll' in other words a referendum on the dissolution of the existence of Northern Ireland.

The constant irritation promoted by the Catholic Church for a 'united Ireland' is being used by that church in order to acquire control over a 'protestant independent state.'

Just as the Catholic Church is working all around the world including in the US with SIX out of NINE Jesuit trained Supreme Court Judges now in control of final judgments on American Court decisions!!!

This is how the Vatican works to take control of every nation. THE VATICAN SEES ITSELF AS T H E WORLD RULING GOVERNMENT!!!

The Irish people have rebelled against Vatican control of their own country and should allow Northern Ireland to live in peace without any more Mary-Lou Sinn Fein bother!

GOD Determines Borders!

It is Almighty God who determines BORDERS and has set Northern Ireland apart from the descendants of DAN one of the TWELVE SONS of a man called Jacob who's name was changed to Israel. Half of Dan came to Ireland two thousand five hundred years ago when the Assyrian forefathers of the German people invaded ancient Israel. The other half of Dan came over land to Denmark, DAN'S MARK!

The Ulster-Scots from Northern Ireland played a MAJOR ROLE in founding these United States Of America and were credited by George Washington for doing so.

America is Manassa one of the two sons of JOSEPH, another of the twelve family members of Israel, the English are the second son of Joseph Ephrieam, NEPHIEWS to the Irish people, as are a great majority of the American people. See the promise of The British Commonwealth and the American nation found in Genesis 35:11 and be sure to read United States And Britain In Prophecy' found on Page 1 of The Free Library, this has a Chapter proving the fact that the IRISH PEOPLE are ONE of the TWELVE descendant nations of ancient Israel fully related to the Ulster-Scots.

If you don't know the history of this, the Irish people can contact the various Ulster-American Historic Societies and visit the Ulster-American History Park centre in N.I.

OBVIOUSLY Christ set these two family members apart in separate Kingdoms as the Scot's came through Ulster before many of them setting sale for America in the mid Sixteenth century.

The Roman Catholic Church has deceived the people and the government of Southern Ireland (today not so much) into claimed Ulster, and wants the mainly Protestant N.I. to be taken over by their Catholic dominated government imposing Catholic rule over all of Ireland! This is how the Vatican works around the world!

Why would the Catholic abused Irish People want Catholic DOMINATION of the North after throwing off some of the total Roman Catholic domination which they have been under for centuries?

Catholic Controlled Hospitals in Ireland And The U.S.A!

The Vatican still controls education in Southern Ireland, THAT SHOULD BE GOTTEN RID OF, you may know the Catholic Church motto of 'Give us a child until they are six years old and they are ours for life!'

The Hospitals in Southern Ireland are also controlled by the Catholic Church! This is also how Communist governments control their populations by being able to approve or deny health care! Listen 'Jesuits Judges Migrants' on the Home Page.

The A M E R I C A N people need to put an end to the Catholic Church opening or acquiring any more hospitals in America! Already ONE in SIX hospitals in the US are owned by the Catholic Church! And for which they receive a gift of 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS of tax payers money every year from our government!

All of this is the continued aggression by the Catholic Church to continue controlling Ireland and their success in controlling vital American institutions now claiming to be the largest 'Christian' church in the US with only twenty percent of our population being Catholic.



Our President has sent his congratulations to Britain's Boris Johnson upon the announcement of his becoming Britain's new Prime Minister. On the British side of the pond you possibly know of his rise to prominence as Mayer of London. The story of his boyhood rivalry with former Prime Minister David Cameron as they went through school together is pretty well known.

And now that Mr. Cameron and Mrs. May are gone, both casualties of their inability to 'get Britain a better deal or to leave the European Union' it now falls to Prime Minister Johnson to fulfill his campaign promise to 'DO OR DIE' as Britain rushes towards the new legal BREXIT departure date of this years HALLOWEEN, about one hundred days away from today, July twenty fourth.

President Congratulates

Yesterday, in remarks to an audience President Trump offered his congratulations and assurance of his confidence in the new PM's ability to achieve Brexit suggesting that he work with Nigel Farage head of the new Brexit Party to finally get the job done!

Not everyone on the Brexit side trust Boris however as he has shown a 'politically expedient' side to his character in the past, a late comer to the Brexit side, but in time to be recognized.

It now remains for him to show either a total commitment to taking Britain out if necessary with 'no deal' on future trade (Britain has become over-dependant on EUROPE which takes 42% of all British exports) or to TWEEK the three times failed Theresa May's BAD DEAL enough to get a successful majority vote in the House of Commons, and by slight of hand BETRAY BREXIT by acceptance of the five hundred and fifty page TREATY already signed and sealed to keep Britain under EUROPEAN LAW!

He has already voted FOR this 'bad deal' on one of the three occasions when it was voted down by the British Parliament, hence the 'political expediency' tag on the new P.M.

Future National Election

If by 'slight of hand' Mr. Johnson achieves the Brexit departure in name only and is hailed as a hero by the 'remain' voters and by the British remain slanted Press, then it will come down to the final challenge in a future National Election with his Conservative Party against the newly formed Brexit Party of Nigel Farage, Britain's father of the Brexit movement, this would be the final round in the BREXIT BATTLE FOR BRITAIN!

At least the Halloween Brexit date is not on Guy Fawkes Day, an annual celebration in Britain, as many advances have been made in the manufacture and use of high explosives since1606!

It is interesting to note that Guy Fawks was a member of a group of English Catholics fighting for Spain who planted enough gunpowder beneath the British Parliament chamber in order to dispatch Spain's British Parliament enemies off to kingdom come.

The Hostility To Come

Ironically, that situation is repeating it's self all over again between the Catholic dominated European Court, Council, Commission and Parliament against Protestant Britain! The hatred which the Church at Rome has festered within these ruling bodies against Protestant Britain has become obvious in these entities!

The entire European Continentant, especially the several predominantly Protestant nations will be turned into a POLICE STATE dominated by a GERMAN LED MILITARY OCCUPATION of the Israelite descendant nations which include France, Belgium and Holland, and even out of favour with the Vatican Catholic Ireland, another descendant nation of ancient Israel, together with the nations of North-Western Europe. The need for road hardening to take military vehicles throughout Europe has already been announced!

A FINAL SHORT-LIVED resurrection of the Unholy Roman Empire of the German People is now visible in German control of the European Continentant!

With the completion of the now forming GERMAN LED EURO ARMY-NAVY-AIR FORCE and with the the acquisition of Nuclear Weapons, a coming DICTATOR PRESIDENT in league with the Vatican will take total military control!!!

Mr. President do not allow Germany to have the proposed NUCLEAR ARSENAL under the guise of it belonging to the EU Nations. This will yield devastating results for Britain and America!!!

The now visible hatred toward our two nations will grow to the point where a coming Dictator President will order a NUCLEAR ATTACK on our nations, this will level British and American cities! This will be followed by a three and one half year national captivity!

Hard to believe yet most of us will live to see it happen! Then, an initial one thousand years of World Peace will begin after God personally intervenes to stop total annihilation of all human life.

It has only been in the last seventy five years that we have created the weapons of war which can finally erase all human life. Read of this in Matthew 24! 'Without Gods' personal intervention "no flesh would be saved alive." That is how up to date Bible prophecy is, written two thousand years ago!

Can Britain's new Prime Minister or any US President cope with such a scenario! Of course not! Whoever it was who coined the phrase "Only God Can Save Us Now" was speaking the truth! And thank God he will!

Learn more in 'Germany In Prophecy' and in 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the in-depth 'America And Britain In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the Free Library to learn the outcome of the events now occurring in the British and European Parliament's!


July 23 rd. 2019

THE FIRST EUROPEAN STEP: Into the Middle-East!!!

A step forward in regarding to the long-awaited fulfillment of Bible Prophecy concerning the approaching EUROPEAN TOTAL TAKEOVER of almost all Middle-Eastern Nations has occurred with the introduction of an EU NAVY-MARITIME FORCE to be sent to the area of the Persian Gulf.

This was announced by the British Foreign Secretary, following the capture of a British tanker by Iran in retaliation for the British seizure of an Iranian tanker near Gibraltar enforcing the US sanction of Iranian oil exports.

This forces the speeding up of the creation of the EU NAVY which will be used to police the Straights of Hormuz off the Iranian coast to ensure the free movement of precious oil shipments to Europe and other nations.

See the two timely article as follows, written this month on this subject! 'Threat of War In The Gulf' and 'A New German EU Commission President.' See the section titled 'We Will, LET'EM!''



You may have heard of 'the little old lady' who arrived in an Army Surplus store in Texas asking to buy a gas mask because she had heard there was going to be WAR IN THE GULF (of Mexico)? This was during the Iran-hostages crisis.

More than thirty years later Headlines read: 'Explosions Raise Fear Of War In The Gulf'! Now in June of 2019, two massive oil tankers are floating 'abandoned' in the Gulf of Oman, one burning after being set ablaze by a planted incendiary device and the US state department has quickly assessed Iran is to blame!

You may recall a few US forces surrendering to and being humiliated by Iranian 'fast boats' rather than being ordered to defend themselves by the Obama administration just a few years ago?

Almost nothing, has changed between the United States and Iran over the last 30 years except that now we have a President not unlike Ronald Regan in his Foreign Policy who frightened the then Russian leadership because of his UNPREDICTIBILITY, and of course the Iranians are counting on provoking a Russian response to whatever measures the US will take to punish the Iranian regime!

What Will Happen In The Middle-East?

While the World waits for America to finally 'go to war' against Iran the cause of terrorism around the world, another powerful government is creating a new Armed Forces with Army-Navy-Air Force and probably Space Force with immense capability, which a coming European President will be anxious to test out on a grand scale!

And while we have been hearing a lot about the European Union TRADE negotiations-or lack of-with the British, twenty-three of the remaining twenty-seven EU nations have been quietly contributing choice segments of their armed forces, merging these into the GERMAN ARMY-NAVY-AIR FORCE. The new EURO ARMY is to be completely formed by 2025 according to the German instructed European Commission President Jon-Claud Junker and will only require a 1% contribution from each EU Nation to maintain this!

HOWEVER, a Middle-East OIL CRISIS could send European forces on mass into the Middle-East much sooner to ensure that China and Japan are kept out of the region, and to ensure the survival of European industry almost TOTALLY dependant upon MIDDLE-EAST OIL!

Europe will one day-perhaps sooner than we know abandon the NATO alliance, withdraw European forces from the NATO organization, and merge these into the already forming new EUROPEAN DEFENCE FORCE, completing the formation of a massive new EU-GERMAN LED WAR CAPABLE MACHINE, taking over European defense for the first time in 80 years and ready to STRIKE anywhere around the world.

We Will, LET'EM

When John Bolton, National Security Advisor to President Trump was asked what he thought of Europe defending itself, his quick reply was "LET'EM" and if this is our Presidents decision, while now telling Europe they should actually be paying 4% instead of the 2% he has finally extracted from some of our NATO allies after the US funding 70% of European Defence for the last seventy years, a HUGE SHOCK is on the way.

Listen the short Video on EU-GERMAN NUKES!

The US will be told "YOU ARE NO LONGER NEEDED or WANTED in EUROPE" as the German-led 500 Million population new nation called EUROPE emerges as a NUCLEAR ARMED WORLD POWER with a POWERFUL PRESIDENT ready to defend EUROPEAN interests around the world.

This will not only include the shipment of OIL from the MIDDLE-EAST but will include the INTERNAL SECURITY of almost ALL oil producing Nations in the region with a EUROPEAN INVASION OF ALMOST EVERY LAST ARAB NATION!

Our friends in the Arab World PLEASE be advised and take measures now in order to protect your wealth! A European military occupation of your countries will occur! Only Jordan will escape this.

Bad Behavior Speeding Events

All of this BAD IRANIAN BEHAVIOUR by the ruling Mullah government is meant to provoke a major world confrontation leading to World War Three, believing that Iran will be saved and set over the nations by a returning Savior!

The huge weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and similar Russian support to Iran could spark an ALL OUT WAR between these two opposing homelands of the Muslim religion which would shut down all oil shipments and cause a WORLD CRISIS.

Foreign Forces Invited In!

Since the attacks on nine oil tankers including the two in the Straights of Hormuz which flows between Iran and the United Arab Emirates, President Trump has asked for the assistance of TWENTY NATIONS with major interest in seeing an unrestricted flow of oil through the Persian Gulf.

This could see Chinese and Japanese War Ships in the region for the first time as the US is now TIRED of FOOTING THE BILL! If this begins to happen, then expect EUROPE to spring to action with a massive invasion of the Middle-East!


What We Can Know In Advance

PERSIA, now Iran and Iraq, was split into two nations by the British before they gave up possession of the Middle-East. We have seen a combining of Iraq and Iran now taking place with Iranian domination of Iraq, with Iranian forces on the ground there in the war against ISIS. IRAN is accused of being responsible for one third of the deaths of U.S. casualties IN IRAQ!

This prophecy found in the book of Daniel makes clear that the then 'Kingdom to the South' of Jerusalem 'PUSHES AT THE KINGDOM OF THE NORTH' which is now today the EUROPEAN UNION. The GERMAN LED EUROPEAN ARMY-NAVY GO IN 'WITH MANY SHIPS,' A FULL-SCALE INVASION of the entire Middle East!!! Even the names of the countries to be invaded are given!

It is coming, and also this will include the so-called 'peace-keeping Military' OCCUPATION of half of the City of Jerusalem! And Israel will NOT be able to have them leave upon the Israeli governments' request! 'Half of the City shall be TAKEN!

See the short Video on 'EU Middle-East Invasion'

Recommended Reading

Please read the excellent short Westmonster lead article top of this page. A stunning revelation into what Germany is determined to achieve, building the new Nuclear-Armed GERMAN LED EUROPEAN ARMY-NAVY-AIRFORCE and probably Space Force by 2025! And it will be done, and then all of this will head to its ultimate conclusion when God MUST STEP IN TO PRESERVE HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH, AND HE WILL DO J U S T THAT!




AND MAY GOD PROTECT YOU AND YOURS from what is soon to come against our American and British descendant peoples! May God have mercy upon us.



Dr. Ursula Von de Layen, the former German defense minister has become the most powerful leader of the European Unions five hundred and fifty million people replacing the German Chancellors previous handpicked Jean-Claude Juncker.

She was the ONLY candidate for the position-as usual-and was rubber-stamped in a secret ballot by those selected to 'vote' and was approved by three hundred and eighty-three votes to the three hundred and seventy-four votes required for approval without a vote of the people!

This is the TOTALLY UNDEMOCRATIC way in which the Presidents of the European Commission are 'elected' and how a TOTAL DICTATOR WILL SEIZE POWER in the not too distant future! Please be aware!

Dr. Von de Layan is a hardcore EUROPEAN in favor of completing the fanatic drive to abolish what is left of the 'nation-states' within the soon to be the ONE NATION EUROPE, and is determined to complete the building of the EU GERMAN LED ARMY-NAVY-AIR FORCE and no doubt SPACE FORCE complete with GERMAN HANDS on Nuclear Weapons by 2025!

This GERMAN led new EUROPEAN DEFENSE FORCE is being formed by merging units of TWENTY THREE nations Armies into THE GERMAN ARMY, and Germany has said that they will pay for the enlargement of the already present NUCLEAR WEAPONS Arsenals of France and Britain, if Britain, still so far involved agrees!

Long Prophesied Now Happening

For those who are unaware of prophecy, you are watching the formation of the LAST resurrection of the ROMAN EMPIRE which became the unholy Roman Empire of the GERMAN PEOPLE in history!

The most recent previous resurrection of this was that of HITLERS GERMANY as declared by MUSSOLINI. At any time in history when we have seen EUROPE UNITE another stage of the prophesied SEVEN major resurrections of the Roman Empire has occurred, THIS WILL BE THE LAST with disastrous results for America and Britain!!!

We will STUPIDLY allow GERMANY to get its hands on enough Nuclear Weapons to destroy American and British cities!!! A future EUROPEAN DICTATOR with TOTAL POWER will order a NUCLEAR STRIKE on our MAJOR CITIES and the WORLD WILL CHANGE OVERNIGHT!!!

We Will, LET'EM

When John Bolton, National Security Advisor to President Trump was asked what he thought of Europe defending itself, his quick reply was "LET'EM" and if this is our Presidents decision, while now telling Europe they should actually be paying 4% instead of the 2% he has finally extracted from some of our NATO allies after the US funding 70% of European Defence for the last seventy years, a HUGE SHOCK is on the way.


YES, A SECOND ROMAN EMPIRE INVASION OF BRITAIN IS SOON TO COME!!! And an end to our American way of life because of our generations refusal to recognize and obey God in our Government, in our Courts, In our Schools, and in our Churches! I am sorry to say!

This will be allowed by God, who allowed Germany to inflict severe punishment on America and Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand by our nations being dragged into World Wars One and Two! A Third and FINAL World War is soon to come out of a militarized TEN NATION GERMAN-VATICAN LED EUROPE!!!

Watch It Happen


GOD WILL BRING A MASSIVE CORRECTIVE PUNISHMENT from the DEUTSCH, who Julius Caesar called 'GERMANS' meaning 'MEN of WAR' after they had completely wiped out Two Roman Legions in defense of their central Europe homeland! You may have heard of CEASER CRYING FOR HIS LEGIONS!

The GERMAN people are the descendants of the old Assyrian Empire who took our Israelite ancestors into national captivity dragging them out of ancient Israel and placing them in a location between the Caspian Sea and the Caucus Mountains, our historians have traced our ancestors back to that region. THAT IS WHY MOST AMERICANS ARE REFERRED TO AS C A U C A S I O N.






THAT IS THE REASON WE WERE CREATED HERE ON EARTH! GOD IS REPRODUCING HIMSELF IN EVERY LAST ONE OF US TO LIVE F O R E V E R ! ! ! See: 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like' on Library Page 1 also 'Coming: A NEW AGE' found on Library Page 2 for an EXCITING LOOK into your future. All in the America And Britains Future Free Library.




With the third presentation of the same 'BAD DEAL' "the only Brexit deal" according to PM Theresa May and EU negotiators the BRITISH-EUROPEAN Civil Service ELITE were almost there, falling short by only fifty-eight votes down from four hundred plus on the first British House of Commons refusal to vote for 'Vassal State Status!' This may be represented one last time in whatever form before Mrs May leaves office, and with what she has already signed could prove to be the greatest BETRAYAL of British Sovereignty in Britain's 800 year history!

We can see how a soon to be appointed TOTAL EUROPEAN DICTATOR PRESIDENT could use the breaking of this five hundred and fifty page TREATY-already signed by the British Prime Minister and ratified by the heads of all twenty-seven EU Nations, could hold Britain in future breach of contract if another Prime Minister and British Parliament attempts to take Britain out from under the total control this TREATY gives the EU over Great Britain.

NO VOTE of Europe's half a billion population is required or allowed in order to install European Presidents and it has been established that in order to give the European Presidency the power to rival that of US Presidents the EUROPEAN PRESIDENCY MUST BE GIVEN TOTAL UNRESTRICTED POWER!

The Presidencies of the European Council, Commission and Parliament are to be combined into one powerful Presidency in order to accomplish this!

German authorities have made it known that they are prepared to pay for NUCLEAR WEAPONS to be added to the already forming NEW GERMAN-EU ARMY-NAVY-AIRFORCE in the process of combining forces taken from twenty-three European Countries now being merged into the GERMAN ARMY to be completed by Twenty Twenty-Five!

This will be ready to launch a full-scale MILITARY ATTACK and invasion of Britain when the COMING TOTAL DICTATOR drunk with power chooses to start a war, believing that Britain can be invaded without causing Europe's destruction.

A previous World War was fought over the breaking of such a TREATY by the German government!

Too Much To Believe?

You will probably live to see this MONSTER MILITARY FORCE invade the MIDDLE-EAST in order to secure Europe's oil supply and eventually execute an ordered 'Nuclear attack' on Britain and the United States destroying British and American cities and, a full-scale military invasion and occupation of the US from Europe aided by millions of conscripts and the armies of the half-billion population of central and South American nations!

It may be too much for you to believe but remember this WARNING in the future as you watch this almost unthinkable tragedy transpire according to the 'one third by famine and disease-by then we will be suffering the loss of millions of our populations caused by a coming massive drought!

The one-third by war-and the sword will go out after the remaining one third of our America and British descendant peoples while enduring a three and one half year national captivity under EUROPEAN military rule! A literal second 'Roman Empire' occupation of the British Isles which this time will include IRELAND (descendants of Dan, another of the twelve sons of Israel grown into a nation) and now out of favor with the Vatican!

Great Britain and Northern Ireland will suffer a similar military invasion and occupation costing one-third of British lives! It is hard to believe but this is what lies ahead for the British and American peoples as Gods' patience runs out because of our TOTAL LAW BREAKING over the last FORTY YEARS!

These two beings who really do exist, who gave the British and American peoples two-thirds of the wealth of the entire world will allow this to be executed against 'Gods' Chosen People' because we have broken every law in the book, which our ancestors promised that WE WOULD OBEY IN ALL OF OUR GENERATIONS which assured our peaceful possession of the Great British Empire and these United States of America.

Now our generations, are fast becoming a tattooed MESS OF DRUG ABUSERS! With almost a million abortion demanding women each year, some now choosing to abort the second child in favor of a better lifestyle, in order to pay for the DENALI in some cases!

Now, comes the punishment correction of the descendants of Joseph's two sons who became one great Nation-these United States of America and a Commonwealth of Nations, formerly The British Empire, in a total humbling of our nations taken down to a remaining 'TENTH' of our beloved national population's, because of our national refusal to even recognise that WE are to obey Gods' LAWS through our Supreme Courts and in our schools and in our homes!

GOD WILL ALLOW THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR NATIONS because of our lawbreaking in the last forty years!

Prepared To Set The Best Example

Our God, who loves the British (Ephraim) and American people (Manissa) above all other nations will do this in order to prepare our peoples that our future generations might set the nations of this world the very best MORAL and SPIRITUAL EXAMPLE for the coming ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF WORLD PEACE which lies just ahead, after the beginning and the abrupt ending of World War Three, with some of the population of all nations being SAVED ALIVE by GODS' PERSONAL INTERVENTION!

THIS IS AMERICA AND BRITAIN'S almost IMMEDIATE FUTURE once the new EUROPEAN ARMY-NAVY-AIR FORCE and probably SPACE FORCE is built, Germany is also working on the development of a truly stealthy aircraft! These assets will be complete with NUCLEAR WEAPONS ready for a SNEAK ATTACK on BRITISH AND AMERICAN CITIES! BELIEVE IT!

Of course, there will be many twists and turns coming from the growing hatred of our American and British people, then WILL COME the tragedy. But a loving God DOES EXIST and will finally rebuild the America and British peoples into ONE NATION.

We as individuals need to humble ourselves in obedience to Gods' laws in order to be protected.

Although this generations numbers will be greatly reduced the British and American people will survive! We will no longer exist as separate nations, our nations will be combined with the other descendant nations of Israel now located in Western and North Western Europe and Ireland united into one nation as we once were! Remember this!

Church Leaders Let You Down

Our nations religious leaders have let YOU down by not presenting these CLEAR WARNINGS, now comes correction on a massive scale! First TERROR ATTACKS, then MASSIVE DROUGHT causing mass starvation, then NUCLEAR ATTACK destroying OUR CITIES followed by 3 1/2 years of NATIONAL CAPTIVITY and additional loss of life!

All of this will come on Britain and her descendant nations, and the nations of Western and North Western Europe and America in the near future!

What we are watching with the FALLING OUT of Britain with Europe will cause a Nuclear attack on both Britain and America destroying OUR CITIES because of THE BAD BEHIVIOUR of THIS PRESENT GENERATION!

Given The Wealth Of The World!

We have been given the wealth of the world, this has been given to our nation's by God, but LAWS are to be OBEYED, we are suffering the effects of massive LAW BREAKING!

The U.S. overall LIFE EXPECTANCY has dropped because of DEATH by DRUG ABUSE! Britain has followed.


The DIVORCE rate is beyond 50 PERCENT! Think of the anguish we have caused ourselves and our CHILDREN! The SUICIDE rate in the situation men find themselves in after divorce is causing the DEATHS of 3 MEN for every 1 WOMAN in America today!

The alternate lifestyles now being offered to younger and younger juveniles is causing mass confusion.

The MURDER RATE and VIOLENT CRIME rate is out of control, our PRISONS have MILLIONS incarcerated!

WHITE COLLAR CRIME as well as BIG CORPORATION control of TAX ADVANTAGES leave the middle class HEAVILY OVER TAXED! British taxation is crushing!

Deaths in AUTO ACCIDENTS on our freeways and roadways are around 40 THOUSAND each year in the U.S. and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS receive permanent injuries as FLIMSILY CONSTRUCTED VEHICLES are allowed to be produced when race car drivers can walk away from 200 MILE CRASHES!


Broke LAWS...

All of the above adds up to a TOTAL BREAKING of Gods' law of LOVE! And now a very real GOD FAMILY will allow our final human NIGHTMARE to be played out before TAKING TOTAL CONTROLL OF ALL NATIONS - SAVING THIS WORLD - A L I V E!!!

YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A WARNING which no one wants to hear and NO ONE is prepared to support but without the presence of this warning THIS SITUATION would not be complete.


Soon this OLD WORLD - OLD AGE- will be brought to an abrupt END with human life SAVED ALIVE by direct intervention by a loving GOD FAMILY of which YOU will one day become an important part.

See: 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like' on Library Page 1 also 'Coming: A NEW AGE' found on Library Page 2 for an EXCITING LOOK into your future. All in the America And Britains Future Free Library.




God Is Reproducing Himself!

Are we simply victims of the evolutionary process here to experience momentary conscientiousness, or is there a reason and a purpose for each of our lives?

Einstein believed in the existence of a Planner - Designer, Darwin persuaded some away from the necessity for a great First Cause. Churchill believed there was 'a purpose being worked out here below,' but could not explain that purpose.

Consider the following, in Genesis 1:26, this statement is made: "Let US make humankind in Our image according to Our likeness..."

And speaking of the One who was placed in charge of this process, "...He was in the beginning with God, all things came into being through Him..." John 1:3. "...and the Word became flesh and lived among us" John1:14.

He became"...The FIRSTBORN within A LARGER FAMILY." Romans 8:29. n.r.s.

Two Incredible Beings

These TWO incredible beings began the concept of the family, becoming the first 'Father and Son' beginning 'The Family Of God' and 'The Human Family'.

This process will later achieve a much greater purpose in Gods' seven thousand year plan being worked out to enlarge the God Family, to be expanded to thousands and to millions and later to BILLIONS of all who have ever lived!

This Is The Reason For Human Life!

Another Incredible Truth

But there is another incredible truth to learn. In order for you to become a member of Gods' Family, another BIG PROMISE is made, that 'YOU will be given the ability to live forever'! John 3:16. Romans 8:17.

At first here 'on the earth,' "...and they will reign on the earth! Rev 5: 10. Later to populate every planet as God shares everything that the Head of the Family will give to His descendants, the vastness of space!

Why Do The Planets Exist?

Not following the false concept of winging our way to heaven as an immortal soul as the Greek philosophers brought back to Greece from Egypt, later accepted by the Church at Rome, starkly in contrast with the scriptural 'resurrection from the dead' at Christ's return!

We are to BE LIKE GOD to be made of a body which does not deteriorate and die. We will become members of the Family of God!

These TWO great beings are in the process of reproducing themselves in each one of us, ALL who have ever lived will be given the opportunity to become a member of the GOD FAMILY and YOU will love it!

See all related scriptures in 'Why Were You Born' and 'Who Will Rule Space' on Page 3 also 'What is God's Purpose For Mankind' on Page 4. And 'Does God Exist' on Pages 1 of the Library.

Be prepared for many more surprises in reading through the titles in the free library, this will be a truly exciting eye-opening experience for you. Learn about 'your future' and the final happy peaceful outcome of America And Britains Future in the America And Britains Future Free Library. ENJOY.



Apparently, President Xi Jinping did not receive my advice on how not to treat a US President with a Scottish mother.

And so, after Mr. Jinping's stubborn resistance to allowing FREE trade between China and the US, President Trump has reluctantly ordered more tariffs on another $200 Billion Dollar's worth of the four to five hundred Billion's worth of Chinese goods pouring into the US each year.

The Chinese government allows only one Billion Dollars worth of US products to enter China, mainly farm products and cigarettes forced on them years ago!

President Trump told us "Now they want to talk" after leveling a tariff on the dumping of steel on the US market "but I have told them they are not ready to talk yet" as China threatened more retaliatory tariffs even as the Chinese economy slid to a fifteen percent drop following the introduction of the initial tariffs.

China canceled the purchase of soya beans coming from the Presidents supporting States, hoping that the farmers would pressure him into submission to China but he countered this by providing subsidies to the farmers.

My Free Advice

As I advised the Chinese President back then "Definitely NOT NICE Mr. Jinping! Never treat anyone with Scottish blood that way! It only makes them much more determined to win! I could have told you that and my advice is always FREE" remember? But now your people are threatening again rather than just playing fair!

Anyone can figure who will win here if the President doesn't blink and he won't! I can assure you of that, because I too had a Scottish mother, a Mackenzie from the largest Scottish clan. Those on Harris Island (my name) wore the McCloud tartan and fought for the McCloud's, our President's mother was born on the neighboring island of Lewis and was a McCloud.

I'm sure she taught the President "no smoking, no drinking, and no gambling" as my mother taught me, which would have saved him a billion dollars by the way. And of course 'The Art Of The Deal' without having read the book, is to deal from a point of strength when possible and always be prepared to walk away from a bad deal with your assets intact.

So Mr. Jinping, order your people to make a FAIR deal for the first time in a long time in your nations dealings with America.

Yes, you see us as a declining World Power with a 22 Trillion Dollar National debt and you have 'walked all over us' but YOU should know as our President knows, the US is still the greatest consumer market in the world and you still need the US!

The prosperity our President has created while in office is making it harder for him to reduce the Chinese economy as American consumers are purchasing even more Chinese goods than ever!

It is past time now for the drain of US dollars to end, I would ask the America people to PLEASE BUY AMERICAN.

Save Face Now

Just save face now President Jinping, make a FAIR trade agreement with us and our President will see to it that your nation will continue to prosper. With an income of only two thousand a year per average Chinese family, you need this deal more than we do!

You can always break it with the next US President! Is that not so, as the strong do continue to dominate the weak in this declining world economy. So, your time to dominate is coming President Xi Jinping, but just not now!

What Is Coming for China

But a much better world economy is coming, following the worst World Troubles of all times when goods stop crossing borders!!

Soon now, and possibly, as you are appointed China's President for life, you will find it necessary to cooperate with Russia in ordering a preventive Nuclear strike on Europe, after they have struck the US and Britain with nuclear attacks as a coming GERMAN-EU DICTATOR President turns to WAR against the US and Britain for a third and last time in history!

Russia will realize that this is a repeat of WW2 and fearing they are next to receive Nuclear attacks on Russian Cities from Europe you will be forced to help Russia destroy the might and power of GERMANY!

Your nation will assemble a GIANT LAND FORCE and head it toward the European occupied Middle-East, and we will be to the point, when the Greatest Power in this universe will be forced to intervene, melting the flesh off the bones of every military on earth in order to save this world alive, which GOD can and will do in order to preserve human life!




I stood on Cocoa Beach, Florida to observe the Cape Canaveral launches of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the first time for a day time launch, the second for a night-time launch.

Watching and listening to the intensive roar of the small brilliant white-hot flame as it soared through the vast open blue sky on the first launch, it crossed my mind just how feeble our attempts to "conquer space" really are!

Following the successful launch, I was fortunate to have three of the SpaceX team explain the mission to me and learned that this was actually the launch of a NASA craft which would circle the moon for the next several years searching for earth-like planets.

The second launch carried equipment to improve Middle-East communications, which will prove to be of great importance to the rest of the world in the future as well as to that region.

The nighttime launch was most dramatic with a truly rocket like red visual complete with a red hot tail streaming through the night sky at 12:45, the launch was delayed from its original launch time by around fifteen minutes with a longer window of opportunity, the first launch could have been delayed for only THREE SECONDS otherwise the window to space would close!

Only Eight Planets?

Until a short 25 years ago, we were only aware of the EIGHT planets in our own solar system! Today, no one who has taken interest in space exploration is unaware of the endless discoveries and the possibility of multiple millions or billions of planets to be charted!

Paul Hertz, director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA recently explained: "Since then we've found THOUSANDS of planets orbiting other stars, and we think that all the stars in our own galaxy must have their own family of planets!"

We Will All Go To Space!

One day in the not too distant future, we will be given the ability to populate the vastness of space!

This is the surprising future the two incredible beings known to us by the collective name of God has PLANED for all of us, to inhabit the vastness of space!

As we mature to the point where we have overcome our own human nature and the influence of the tremendous pull to use the development of rocketry and nuclear physics for destructive means, then we will have the physical limitation now placed upon us lifted and ALL of SPACE will be open to us!

I like to say "we will be given a planet each and space will be the freeway."

See 'Who Will Rule Space' on Page 3 also 'What is God's Purpose For Mankind' on Page 4. of the America And Britains Future Free Library, and the following short article...



America and Britain have exercised control over two-thirds of the wealth of the world. Has our individuality and our wealth caused our American Exceptionalism? The answer to this is NO!

More importantly, we have had MORAL AUTHORITY over the populations of the American continent and the British Commonwealth of nations, more than two billion people today.

Our moral principals which are now disappearing came to us from the practice of 'Judeo-Christian Ethics' and however poorly administered, our moral integrity gave us our AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM and the British equivalent.

The Legislature and the courts of New York State and California, as well as other States, have in this generation overturned time tested laws on moral behavior.

Our highest courts in America and Britain, Canada, Australia and in the Western and North Western European nations, ALL the descendants of ancient Israel, have passed laws over 40 years doing away with the influence of Gods' law in our nation's affairs.

Some legislators have allowed their intellectual vanity to dismiss the presence of God, believing only in the deceptive principal of 'Social Justice,' having rightly rejected the teaching of a false form of Christianity devised by unconverted men and taught through history!

Both sides in the battle over God fail to give thought to any fear of correction by this Family of powerful beings who really do exist.

But this serious correction has already begun!

Now Blatantly Breaking Gods' Law

Please understand that it was not by chance that America and Britain were given control over TWO-THIRDS the wealth of the entire world and that here in the U.S., 7% of the world's population enjoy's 40% of the world's wealth!

God exacts correction on us for law breaking by a three step series of events.

1 TERROR, 2 DROUGHT AND FAMINE, 3 WAR and or MILITARY DEFEAT! Read of this explained to our ancestors, and to the American and British peoples of today. Google, Leviticus 26 verses 14 to 40. Understand that history does repeat itself, this process is known as DUALITY in prophecy.

That which happened to 5 million of our ancestors long ago will be repeated with 5 or 6 hundred million of their descendants here in the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the democracies of Western and North Western Europe, Ireland and in the modern State of Israel.

Our ancestors migrated from the Caucus Mountain region 2500 years ago after suffering just such a tragic military defeat in Israel and went into National Captivity!

This is why in the US most are regarded as Caucasians today.

Our historians have traced our ancestors back to that region, but did not go even further back to find that the ancestors of the German's who led the Assyrian Empire literally dragged our ancestors out of their promised land because they had reached the same state of degradation as many in America and Britain have reached today!

Why Were Our Nations Given So Much?

America and Britain received their wealth as a promise given long ago before Israel's earliest existence as a nation, because of their forefather's obedience to living by Gods' laws.

Are the basic laws of God archaic and obsolete or in keeping them did God guarantee future prosperity and protection for each generation, gaining respect around the world and AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM by our acknowledgment of Gods' existence?

See the eye opening information on the rewards for every individual or family and nations who will begin living by 'The Ten Commandments.' Also 'Does God Exist' and 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like' also 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' all on Library Page 1 and 'Coming: A NEW AGE' found on Library Page 2 for an exciting look into your future. All in the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Let us take serious WARNING to turn our laws and our lives around and to learn Gods' true way of life, so that we can for the first time begin to truly live UNDER GOD in order to avert the national tragedy looming in America and Britain's Future!

While our career politicians and religious leaders waste away the time we have left to return our nation's to comply with the laws of God which insured our nations freedom, a European Dictatorship is being created in Europe with Germany at it's head to viscously destroy our nations!



Are most American's and British aware of what space-based weaponry is? The ability to carry nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction into space, then to achieve re-entry of multiple warheads from orbit less than 200 miles above U.S. and British major population centers without warning and with no place to hide.

This requires little nuclear buildup, no long drawn out period of silo building, testing generations of rockets, only the ability and the will to carry this out, in the not too distant future. Prophecy states that Germany will begin a THIRD WAR, against America and Britain, at the outset they will destroy our major cities and military installations rendering it impossible to defend our nations! See this in 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' on Library Page 1.

Germany now hosts an annual gathering of MILITARY COMPUTER EXPERTS from around the world, the German appointed head of the European Commission has ordered a European Armed Forces by 2025 and Germany has said that they will pay for NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Units from 23 European Nations are now being merged into THE GERMAN ARMY and they WILL have NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Men Of War

Long ago the ancestors of the Germans, 'Men Of War,' so called by the Romans, were appointed as ancient Israel's disciplinarians. "The rod of my anger," Isa. 10: 5,6. Asshur's descendants formed the Assyrian Empire taking Israel into national captivity, removing them from their land. Later the descendants of Asshur, from which the name 'Deutsch' is derived migrated to central Europe, the Syrian part of the empire remains in the Middle East.



Sir Winston Churchill was known for his ability to coin a phrase, "The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe," spoke too the dark age which the popular German government of the day headed by Adolf Hitler was bringing in Europe. Churchill warned the British Parliament of a coming Second World War with Germany and retired from politics before being asked to head a coalition government to fight that war.

Once again Germany dominates Europe with the German Chancellor controlling the decision making process in the European Parliament soon to appoint a POWERFUL PRESIDENT OF EUROPE!

Before the fall of Hitler's Germany, the proposal to form a 'European Common Market' had been introduced to Hitler in a document presented by Hermann Goring, together with his strategy for the imminent air campaign to bomb Britain into submission!

Because of British resistance and the joint efforts of the U.S. and Russia, Germany was defeated in battle, but within a few decades the formation of the 'European Common Market' got underway managed in part by former members of the Nazi party.

Today, we see HALF A BILLION people in twenty-eight countries-if Britain continues to be linked in-under the rule of this socialist European Government! Watch the short video clip Pages of the America And Britains Future Free Video Library to see how British representatives to the European Parliament stood in opposition to the emerging EUROPEAN DICTATORSHIP and the forming of this developing European Superpower!

It will affect your future!

The Will Of The People Subverted!

In national referendums, the people of France, Holland, Ireland and Denmark ALL overwhelmingly voted to reject the proposal of a European Constitution rejecting the idea of a 'One Nation Europe' refusing Germany and the European Parliament additional powers over the lives of the people of Europe.

Watching the European Constitution failing to receive approval by a vote of the people in referendum votes, the nonelected European Commission who write European law withdrew the document and were ordered by the German Chancellor to replace this with the 'LISBON TREATY' to contain the same legislation as the European Constitution.

This was approved in a vote by the mainly socialist European Parliament who denied the rights of the remaining twenty-four nations waiting to vote on this unpopular MAJOR issue!

Today Europe is effectively regarded by the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament as 'ONE NATION' with a system of government which does not require the democratic process to elect either of the three EU Presidents, soon to become ONE POWERFUL EUROPEAN PRESIDENCY!

Even Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had more difficulty coming to power than the future European dictator will have!

Without the people's approval 'A ONE NATION EUROPEAN SUPERPOWER' has been created, including the formation of a United European Army, Navy and Air Force now under construction with forces from the member nations being merged into the GERMAN ARMED FORCES! Which could control French (and British) NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Recently it was reported that GERMANY WILL PAY FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS! The completion date for the creation of the new EU-GERMAN force is 2025!

Prophecy foretells the rise of ONE LAST EUROPEAN DICTATOR with the military means to destroy American and British cities!

Europe And The Vatican

This is the system, with the support of the Vatican that will rule Europe during the time of trouble which a loving God will allow to be brought upon The United States and the British descended peoples, with a Third World War defeat by Germany supported by ten combined militarized powers in Europe now forming!

This will be followed by a three and one half year national captivity of the American and British descendant peoples which will include a modern-day second Roman Empire invasion of Britain! Believe it or believe it not this IS coming!

Long ago the ancestor of the Germans - Asshur was appointed as ancient Israel's disciplinarians. "The rod of my anger," Isa. 10: 5-6. Asshur's descendants formed the Assyrian Empire taking Israel into captivity back then removing them from their land because of their law-breaking.

Later the descendants of Asshur, from which 'Deutsch' is derived, migrated to central Europe, the Syrian part of the Assyrian Empire remained in the Middle-East.

The descendants of Asshur became known as the German people meaning 'Men Of War,' so called by the Romans.

They were appointed as OUR DISCIPLINARIANS!

Germany has fulfilled this dubious task of exacting punishment on all modern day descendant nations of ancient Israel, now located in the British Isles and the British descendant nations plus Ireland and the nations of Western and North Western Europe, by drawing them into two World Wars against them and a third World War with Germany is on the way!

Today, Germany has already developed the Aryan rocket, launching several tons payload into orbit from their base in South America. With a huge budget, they have created the European Space Project, building rockets which can be deployed against the U.S. and Britain as the 'Vengeance 1 and 2' rockets were used on London during World War Two.

An interesting story from a U.S. bomber copilot. As they flew towards Germany the pilot spotted a V1 or V2 rocket headed for London, as this zoomed by their B52 the pilot said "there goes the future!"

This time they will destroy British and American cities by a NUCLEAR ATTACK!

England Ceases To Exist?

The latest maps of the NEW EUROPE shows the combined twenty-eight nations divided into regions in which 'England' ceases to exist! The southern area of the United Kingdom is given to the French region, part of central England is given to Germany, the remainder joins Northern Europe!

This would mean the destruction of the United Kingdom as we know it and plans to incorporate the United States in German-controlled territory follows! See the clip on Video Library Page 2 showing the German flag covering a huge populated area of the U.S. It appears, in the minds of some German planners that Hitler's 'living space' has been extended to the area populated by fifty million Americans of German descent!

Being Forced To Do It!

It is shocking how Germany is literally being forced into the leadership position in Europe, and the German dream of world domination is being stimulated once more. National characteristics are an interesting study, knowing German origins Churchill said, " Germany has displayed a belligerent nature in the last 2000 years, they do not change."

The German people will change when they are given the ability to think like God, this tremendous ability will be given to all who have ever lived eventually, but for now they will do His bidding as He disciplines American and the British descendant peoples, returning our nations to the love of His laws by national destruction and national captivity for three and a half years!

This will be followed by Gods' personal intervention when world peace will finally be established FOREVER on this earth with God personally in charge of the coming ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF WORLD PEACE!

See Isaiah 19: 25, "On that day Israel (including the two sons of Joseph who became America and Britain) will be the third with Egypt (the most powerful nation in its day) and Assyria (Assures descendants now known as Germany) a blessing in the midst of the Earth, whom the Lord has blessed, saying, blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria-Germany the work of my hands and Israel my heritage."

The descendant nations of ancient Israel are now in Western and North Western Europe, Britain, Ireland, Australia and, New Zealand, Canada and the US. And let's not forget the British descended people scattered around the world in the former British Empire countries now suffering persecution.

In the coming time of world peace and prosperity under Jesus Christ's direct ruler on earth God will give ALL of us his mind of peace, there will be NO MORE WAR! See 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like' on Page 1 of the Library and 'The Coming: Wonderful World Tomorrow!' on Library Page 4.

See the short 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the in-depth 'America And Britain In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the Library to find the outcome of the events now occurring in the British and European Parliaments and learn how Germany, now dominating Europe will one last time carry out the most severe punishment of the America and British peoples!

Learn more in 'Germany In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Watch the short video clip Pages on Brexit and the forming EUROPEAN DICTATORSHIP!



Three historic votes last week and another on Wednesday, March 20th will precede the Brexit Leave date of March 29th as promised throughout 2016 and 2017 by Theresa May the British Prime Minister.

Now, after two years of delays, an extension to the leave date will be sought from the European Union!

Unfortunately, the tactics being used in order to stop Britain fulfilling the nations historic destiny of remaining a free and independent nation governed by its own Westminster Government and by British law has been forfeited in the last forty plus years by several British governments having sacrificed British FREEDOM for a measure of prosperity.

Now, the struggle by those who see the betrayal must intensify against all odds!

Fortunately, the Brexit debate has brought awareness to the British people, and the constant insults being directed at the British people and their government have done a tremendous service to awaken the British to the loathing disrespect held by the leaders of the European Council, the European Commission and by the Presidency of the European Parliament!

Will Constant Insults Cost Europe 39 BILLION Pounds?

The constant insults coming from EU Council and Commission President's Donald Tusk and Jon-Claud Junker already had many Brexit supporters upset in the last two years, but now many of those who voted to remain in the EU are calling the Nigel Farage London based radio show on LBC to express their outrage over the way not only the British Prime Minister has constantly been mistreated but over the Feb. 6th. Tusk comments.

Almost all callers during the two-hour show condemned the Tusk "special place in hell for those who led the Brexit movement" statement followed by a text by Guy Verhofsted one of the EU negotiators stating that "Satan would not want them in hell fearing that they would cause the same division there."

NEXT: Comes Herman Von Rompuy's Insult!

This former Belgian Prime Minister and former President of Europe who spends one weekend each month in a Catholic monastery, hurled what is for me the final insult at the British people and their government.

As follows: "With their backs against the wall, with a knife on their throat, the abyss in front of their eyes, we are nearly there. If some time is needed after the end of March that will not be a problem for the twenty-seven."

And as Nigel Farage, the father of the Brexit movement has commented: "These are nasty, vile, arrogant men who want to see the end of the Nation State and they don't care what language they use. This is the language used only in a time of war and that is what they see this as, a war to keep the European Union together."

Constant Contempt...

The constant display of contempt during the two year negotiation period plus this ongoing show of total immaturity right at the top of the EU leadership may have been enough to have the entire British nation unite against the EU leadership on the day before the British Prime Minister flies into Brussels once more to beg for some single sign of compromise.

Begging for something to bring back to the British Parliament which would allow her at least some compromise on what she has termed "the only deal" for Britain's departure if in name only to give Mrs. May any opportunity to claim a partial Brexit departure victory on March 29th. 2019.

A Statement Which May Have Been Missed

After lunch on the same days insults from Donald Tusk as he stood beside the Irish Prime Minister, a former EU government employee and EU supporter, in an attempt to smooth over troubled waters the EU Commission President tried to make light of the morning's insults by Tusk and Verhofsted by stating the following.

"I am not as good a CATHOLIC as Donald Tusk, I would like to know more of heaven, I know nothing of HELL except that for this job makes me feel like I am in hell! These men are all good Catholics there to please the CATHOLIC HIGHRARKY WHO PRESIDE OVER  the EUROPEAN UNION and most of its seven hundred and fifty Parliament members!

The EU FLAG is taken from the BLUE BACKGROUND and the TWELVE STARS which circle the head of THE VIRGIN MARY!

Although a totally committed European, Junker seems to be the only one who knows or cares that these men can GO TOO FAR with their INSULTS against the leadership of the nation which SHED IT'S YOUNG MENS BLOOD to FREE all of EUROPE on TWO OCCASIONS during the last one hundred years in order that these DEGENERATES can have their FREEDOM from EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE ONCE AGAIN WORKING TO RE-CREATE IN EUROPE!

Could Tusk statement, so close to the British exit date affect the final British Parliament vote against A DEAL causing Britain to leave on World Trade Organization terms by which most world trade is conducted, rather than the strict rules created by the EU and would that cost the EU THIRTY NINE BILLION BRITISH POUNDS lost over Tusks stupid conceit. I truly hope so as this will be more borrowed money for the British people to shoulder!

The situation has caused another EU character to raise his ugly head! He is Martin Selmayr the European Commission's Secretary General known as, wait for it...'THE BEAST'!

And according to British Representative Nigel Farage SELMEYR IS A LOT WORSE THAN either Tusk, Junker or Verhofsted the present EU negotiators! Apparently, nothing happens in the EU without Selmayr's approval. He has stated that 'either way the British must pay their exit fee of Thirty-Nine Billion Pounds' before they have a new trade deal with the European Union! Unfortunately the British are forty-two percent reliant on exports to the EU!

Threat Of Social Unrest!

Everything has seemed to go the EU way so far with less than fifty days to the March 29th. British exit date, with a tragic giveaway of all of British leverage by a self-confessed REMAINER Prime Minister in charge of the negotiations.

After suffering the biggest defeat ever by any British leaders in Parliament Mrs. May has been forced to go back to the German Chancellor controlled EU negotiators who absolutely refuse to provide even an olive branch to Britain.

Now stalemate exists as time runs out, of course, EU negotiators are well known for this tactic.

There has been the ridiculous talk of the Royal Family being evacuated from London in case of violent rioting in the streets if any further attempts are made by the government to extend the leave date. Nigel Farage has been assuring Brexit supporters that there will be peaceful ways to combat any such attempts.

New UKIP Approved

With the approval of the father of the Brexit movement, a new political party has had its registration approved!

Whether or not it will have time to organize to run candidates in a possible early election which the Prime Minister could call in order to stop the obvious, the BREXIT Party running Nigel Farage for Prime Minister remains to be seen.

It will allow him to run again for his seat in the EU Parliament if what has been suspected comes to pass 'A very long extension to the LEAVE DATE if the British Parliament does not approve anything proposed to end the stalemate between them and Mrs. Mays BAD DEAL!'

When the leaving is all done the struggle to keep the British economy and the European economy afloat without recessions in both regions will be the next big obstacle. Some EU compromise is expected with pressure from German Industry relying on exports to Britain which include sales of eight hundred and fifty thousand vehicles a year to 'TREASURE ISLAND'!

An approximate forty billion shortfall in the EU budget may cause an agreement in order to fill this hole with the British thirty nine billion pounds promised just to begin new trade negotiants!

If final attempts fail and if in anger the leaders of the European Union refuse to go with the British to the World Trade Organization in order to sign off on a free trade deal under their article twenty four then Britain's export economy 42% reliant on exports to the EU could suffer the worst fate possible short of war, as compared to this present state of trade war!

It Will Come To That!

And of course, the new European Armed Forces are now being formed! Army, navy, airforce and NUCLEAR WEAPONS if possible by 2025 paid for by Germany to enlarge the French arsenal!

The 23 contributing nations are allowing their units to be merged into THE GERMAN ARMY and a greater time of trouble will then come with the completion of that military buildup.

We will live to see a time in the near future when law will be passed in Europe which will prevent additional nation states from leaving the European Union, just as no state can leave the United States of America!

It has already been announced that ROAD'S WILL BE HARDENED in order to take the movement of MILITARY VEHICLES throughout Europe!

Von Rompuy speaks as though all twenty seven remaining nations are united against the British but EU leaders will find they will have only TEN remaining militarized predominately Catholic nations united with Germany by the time they go to war against the United States and Great Britain!

Unfortunately, Britain's troubles with the GERMAN controlled European Union are right now only beginning I am sorry to say!


How Junkert's 'MONSTER', MARTIN SELMAYER, could still TERRORISE Britain after Brexit!

Nothing happens in Brussels without Martin Selmayr’s say-so. He is the most powerful unelected individual in Europe, wielding greater influence than many heads of European Union member states. Even the Brexit negotiations are not safe.

After welcoming a group of MPs to Brussels on Monday, the European Commission’s Secretary-General poured cold water on the idea that the United Kingdom could be offered legally-binding guarantees over the contentious backstop proposal. “On the EU side, nobody is considering this,” he declared on Twitter, even though Angela Merkel had suggested it would need to be addressed “creatively”.

Michel Barnier remains, at least in name, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator...

The Telegraph.



Mrs. May's 550 page Brexit agreement with the EU was rejected by 2/3ds. of all British Parliament members on both sides of the house, the greatest defeat EVER for any British P.M. Then a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Government was called for by the opposition leader, asking for a  General Election. The Government won the vote on this. 

So, on it goes. Mrs. May now addressing Barnier and Junker as, wait for it... YOUR EXCELLENCIES!!!

Within three days she must present her next proposal to the Parliament, which will probably be to have the Parliament vote again on some new concession from the negotiators, or to either extend the leave date so she can try again to get concessions from the German Chancellor-EU negotiators or call for another Referendum hoping they have sufficiently frightened the British people into voting to STAY in the EU. 

Asking the people to VOTE AGAIN is an old tactic which EU leaders have used successfully on the Irish people when they voted against the EU Constitution because they did NOT want the EU Parliament to have any more power, the same tactic was used against Holland and one of the North-Western European nations. This so far has always worked for the Brussels Government.

It is thought that the EU negotiators will give a further concession on 'the N.I. backstop' as it is called which was planned to effectively keep Northern Ireland in the EU if implemented, this concerns the border between Northern and Southern Ireland. Actually, an attempt to govern Ulster by the EU leadership's SILENT PARTNER the Vatican as many are becoming aware.

The EU flag represents the circle of twelve stars on a blue background taken from around the shoulders of 'The Virgin Mary!' Latin was made the official language! And Sunday was made the official day of rest decades ago!

As a longtime Southern Irish church member friend who I met recently in Phoenix on my way through said: "well we know they have to fall out." Yes, this is not the end of Britain's struggle against the German-Vatican led unholy reunion of the 'Holy Roman Empire of the German People.' 




On Sunday, November 25th, 2018 the Parliament of the European Union voted its approval of what amounts to Vassal State conditions for the British people. The British Parliament will vote for or against this non-negotiable 500-page Departure Agreement and 26-page non-binding 'wish list' Political Declaration on December the 11th.

The German Chancellor declares this: "A DIPLOMATIC PIECE OF ART."


Prime Minister May: "THERE WILL BE NO BREXIT" if this agreement is not accepted by the British Parliament! Perhaps an indication of what is planned?

European Union Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claud Junker held a press conference directly following the thirty-eight minute EU Parliament session. When asked can a better deal be arranged if the British Parliament votes against the agreement Mr. Junker answered, "this is the deal."

If the British Prime Minister and the EU hierarchy have their way Britain will remain tied to the European Union indefinitely with nothing in writing to recover British Sovereignty or to obtain the major points of separation.

Although references to 'future consideration' are contained in the Political Declaration this is a completely 'non-binding' document and if the same EU consideration as was given former Prime Minister Cameron applies, then little will be achieved in the negotiation period!



Mrs. May: FLYS TO ARGENTENA. November 30th 2018.

British Prime Minister May flies to Argentina following Brexit giveaway! The question has been humorously asked: "Will she give away the Falklands while she is there?" Anything is possible!


President Trump attends the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires. Announced a successful renegotiation of the NAFTA trade agreement to be known as USMCA, between the US, Mexico, and Canada helping to reduce the huge trade imbalances with the US.

Higher wage jobs will come to the US Auto industry from lower paying production jobs in Mexico, a higher percentage of each vehicle will be built in the US creating more jobs and Canada will take more American farm products.

President Trump is expected to meet with the Chinese President who now is ready to talk before imposing more tariffs on US products sold to China in order to defeat our Presidents attempt to take control of flagrant abuses by China over decades.

The President said recently "Now they want to talk but I have told them they are not ready to talk yet!" This as the Chinese economy slides further below a fifteen percent drop following the initial tariffs placed on Chinese goods by the US and retaliation by China on US farm products coming from Trump supporting States.

Definitely NOT NICE Mr. Jinping! Never treat anyone with Scottish blood that way! It only makes them much more difficult to deal with! I could have told you that if you had asked and my advice is always FREE.

EU Council President TUSK needs to learn the same lesson! When he flexed his muscles again against the British over the upcoming British Parliament vote on a tragically pathetic Divorce Settlement and British separation which will enslave the British people if agreed to!

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill "The British WILL CHOOSE THE OPEN SEA." We have no fear of that or of you Mr. Tusk and nor of your domineering GERMAN CHANCELLOR ruling over THE EUROPEAN UNION, but not over the British People!

Did two World Wars not prove that to YOU, Mr. Tusk? Was not your own homeland enslaved by Germany and did not the British welcome the Polish people with open arms? Where is your respect for BRITAIN sir? Has your 300,000 Euro salary bought your soul?



This international distress signal got its start in 1923, it was made official in 1948 the idea of a British radio officer at Croydon Airport in London. He developed this taken from the French word 'm'aider' meaning "help me!"

Today, throughout the British Isles it would be a good idea for the average Britisher to raise their voices in prayer to Almighty God asking for the courage and strength of character needed by the nations elected officials to stand for British Democracy and more importantly for Britain's FREEDOM from German-EU control.

After a thousand years of British history, no matter your politics, every English, Welch, Scots and Ulster member of this Great British Nation, founder of the greatest Empire and leader of the greatest Commonwealth of Nations this world has ever seen, must ask in truth "How will WE defend ourselves from this increasingly OPPRESSIVE GERMAN CONTROLLED European Empire?

In answer to the question "Mr. Franklin what (government) will you give us?" One of the most influential leaders of the American Revolution replied: "I give you a Republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT" implying that freedom comes at a cost to EVERY GENERATION and in America's future, EVERY GENERATION would find the need to enter into the struggle to maintain their FREEDOM from tyranny.

The German Chancellor Has Spoken

Just a day or two before British Prime Minister Theresa May released her 500-page 'Departure Agreement' THE GERMAN CHANCELLOR voiced control over the proceedings by simply stating "MRS MAY WANTS TO STAY in The European Union."




The origin of the British people came from Ephraim, one of two sons of Joseph the former Prime Minister of Egypt, the son of Jacob whose name was changed to 'Israel' meaning 'overcomer with God,'

We all know of Joseph's coat of many colors (probably plaid or tartan) which the British Royal Family ware so proudly today, as direct descendants of King David of Israel through Solomon. See 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library for total proof.

You may know the history of ancient Israel's relationship with God. He began working with one man Abraham to establish a nation, consisting of the families of Jacob's twelve sons later grown into nations, now located in Western and North Western Europe, the British descendant nations and the United States.

After the death of Solomon the kingdom split into two nations, the ten northern families became known as Israel and the three southern descendants, Judah, Levi and Benjamin became known as Judah.

Israel, the northern kingdom, was constantly threatened with invasion by the Assyria Empire to the north. Because of the growing amount of lawbreaking in the nation, God used the Assyrian's as "The rod of my anger" against the people He had chosen to exemplify His way of life to the world.

This included the keeping of the TEN basic factors of His law, His seven annual Festivals which He ordered "to be kept FOREVER IN ALL OF YOUR GENERATIONS" and HIS SEVENTH DAY SABBAT, which is now the sixth day Saturday on the new European calendar, also in Britain because of the 'calendar change' engineered by the Catholic church in a feeble attempt to make their SUN DAY of worship appear to be the seventh day Sabbath!

God Rejecting Nation

After separating from Judah the Northern Kingdom totally rejected Gods' laws and refused to keep His Sabbath of rest and His Feast Days, replacing these with much of what their descendant nations of America and Britain celebrate today! Including the Lord Of The Dead (Halloween) celebration.

In order to maintain British freedom we need to GO BACK to keeping GODS' LAWS and HIS Sabbath Day's as a SIGN between 'each individual in our nation' and collectively AS A NATION in order to demonstrate to God that we are prepared to live in obedience to His laws in order to receive HIS protection from the coming GERMAN LED E.U. MILITARY FORCE and nuclear attack against us!

Coming From GERMANY

This nuclear attack and captivity will come from Germany-the descendants of the Assyrian Empire-chosen by God as our disciplinarians way back then, 'the rod of Gods' anger' See Isa. Ch10:5,6 against "His chosen people." This time Germany will control the united armed forces of TEN European-mainly Catholic nations. So there are more nations to leave the EU and to go into captivity in Europe as occurred during World War Two.

Assyria took Israel our ancestors into a national captivity dragging them out of their land, placing them between the Caucus Mountain and the Caspian Sea.

Most of the American population are classed as 'Caucasian' today because historians have rightly traced our ancestors back to the area where they lived out their national captivity before migrating Westward to become the nations of Western and North Western Europe, the British Isles and Ireland, and on to the British Empire and to America.

That is who we are!

See the short 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' on Library Page 1.



More U.S. provocation during the July 2018 NATO summit has once again caused the German Chancellor to issue a repeat of her former statement "We Can No Longer Rely On The U.S. To Protect Europe."

She seems to disregard the fact that President Trump's open public statements asking the member nations to pay up their 2% of GDP contributions have caused tens of billions to flood into the NATO organizations bank account with billions more on the way.

So why then does Merkel take this position? It is clear that she and the leadership of the European Union have something else in mind, and that is obviously very true!

It is now time for GERMANY to form the twenty-three volunteering EU Nations armed forces into a ONE GERMAN-EU ARMED FORCES, complete with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Germany's hand-picked EU President Jon-Claud Junkert has stated that "a ONE PERCENT OF GDP member nations contribution will be sufficient to pay for the new EU ARMY" undercutting NATO's 2% and the 4% contribution now called for by President Trump.

As the animosity grows we will see the most modern GERMAN-EU Armed Forces spring into existence CONTROLLED BY THE GERMAN ARMY! UNDER GERMAN COMMAND! COMPLETE WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS! POINTED IN OUR DIRECTION!

I wrote about this before President Trump's election, as well as before, during and after the BREXIT referendum, see the article as follows...


The German Chancellor: "We are now the leader of the free world, and we German's will lead Europe to do great things." and "Germany can no longer totally rely on America and Britain for protection..."

Since these statements were made by the person the Germans call 'mother', Angela Merkel's hand-picked President of the EU Commission Jean-Claud Junker has announced the integration of United European armed forces by 2025!

Twenty-three E.U. nations have signed to contribute to the building of this massive military force and Germany is now in the process of integrating units of former East Block forces into the German army.

As reported in the Westmonster article above, Germany is prepared to pay for a European NUCLEAR ARSENAL and long-range rockets are under construction in the guise of the European Space Project!

Asleep To German Intentions!

Our nations are asleep to the true intentions of those who control Germany and many of the seven hundred and fifty member government of the new single nation EUROPE of today!

Now, during the Brexit crisis, German intentions for this coming reality has been exposed! Germany and the European Union are now assembling a joint European Armed Forces and Germany intends to have NUCLEAR WEAPONS with long-range delivery systems capable of reaching American cities and of destroying American industry!

If you have studied World War Two you will realize that Germany was defeated mainly because of the fact that American industry was out of reach of German bomber fleets! American industrial production could out-produced German industry, this gave our nations "the tools to finish the job" of defeating the German war machine.

Germany has learned that to win next time American Industrial cities MUST be destroyed at the very outset of World War Three. This means cities on both the East and West coasts of the United States WILL be hit with GERMAN-EU NUCLEAR WEAPONS ATTACKS!

Prophecy tells us that when acquired these weapons will be used to destroy American and British cities! See 'Germany in Prophecy'.

Read More >



In late June of 2018 President Trump announced his new directive to the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to be known as Space Force.

This announcement came in the midst of other prominent political issues such as immigration but few realize that the size and scope of the president's announcement will, to use one of his phrases "BE HUGE!"

Two major entities concerning space already exist: The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) created in 1961 with a budget of around $15 Billion, and the Air Force Space Command established in1982, this has 36,000 personnel and a budget of $8.50 Billion.

The creation of the new Space Force will mean that this agency will not report to the Air Force high command but will "be equal too but separate from the Air Force."

Since the U.S. revealed its X37B unmanned spacecraft with capacity to stay in orbit for more than 200 days carrying an 'unspecified payload' all other serious contenders including Europe, China, and Russia, must meet this challenge by placing weaponry in space!

Seven years ago I wrote of U.S. and British enemies placing weapons of mass destruction in space. A stark warning to the possibility of attack from space on the cities of our nations by the coming EU-German Armed Forces!

German-E.U. Nuclear Weapons!

The creation of this was finally announced earlier this year-A COMBINED EUROPEAN ARMED FORCES BY 2025! And Germany has said THEY WILL PAY FOR A NUCLEAR ARSENAL!

This was called for by the German Chancellor and announced by Germany's puppet Jean-Claude Junker head of the European Commission which controls the seven hundred and fifty member European Parliament. Some will remember the JUNKER BOMBER built by Junker's family for NAZI GERMANY.

French and possibly British Nuclear Weapons may be used as the basis for an enlarged European Nuclear Arsenal to complement the formation of the new European Armed Forces by 2025!



I stood on Cocoa Beach, Florida in April and again in June of 2018 to observe the Cape Canaveral launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the first time for a day time launch, the second for a night time launch.

Watching and listening to the intensive roar of the small brilliant white-hot flame as it soared through the vast open blue sky on the first launch, it crossed my mind just how feeble our attempts to "conquer space" really are!

Following the successful launch, I was fortunate to have three of the SpaceX team explain the mission to me and learned that this was actually the launch of a NASA craft which would circle the moon for the next several years searching for earth-like planets.

The second launch carried equipment to improve Middle-East communications, which will prove to be of great importance to the rest of the world in the future.

The night time launch was most dramatic with a truly rocket like red visual complete with a red hot tail streaming through the night sky at 12:45, the launch was delayed from its original launch time by around fifteen minutes with a longer window of opportunity, the first launch could have been delayed for only THREE SECONDS otherwise the window to space would close!

Only Eight Planets?

Until a short 25 years ago, we were only aware of the EIGHT planets in our own solar system! Today, no one who has taken interest in space exploration is unaware of the endless discoveries and possibility of multiple millions or billions of planets to be charted!

Paul Hertz, director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA recently explained: "Since then we've found THOUSANDS of planets orbiting other stars, and we think that all the stars in our own galaxy must have their own family of planets!"

We Will All Go To Space!

One day in the not too distant future, we will be given the ability to populate the vastness of space!

This is the surprising future the two incredible beings known to us by the collective name of God have PLANED for all of us, to inhabit the vastness of space!

I like to say "we will be given a planet each and space will be the freeway."

As we mature to the point where we have overcome our own human nature and the influence of the tremendous pull to use the development of rocketry and nuclear physics for destructive means, then we will have the physical limitation now placed upon us lifted and ALL of SPACE will be open to us!

See 'Who Will Rule Space' on Page 3 also 'What is God's Purpose For Mankind' on Page 4. of the America And Britains Future Free Library, and the following short article...


THE REASON FOR HUMAN LIFE: God Is Reproducing Himself!

Are we simply victims of the evolutionary process here to experience momentary conscientiousness, or is there a reason and a purpose for each of our lives?

Einstein believed in the existence of a Planner - Designer, Darwin persuaded some away from the necessity for a great First Cause. Churchill believed there was 'a purpose being worked out here below,' but could not explain that purpose.

Consider the following, in Genesis 1:26, this statement is made: "Let US make humankind in Our image according to Our likeness..."

And speaking of the One who was placed in charge of this process, "...He was in the beginning with God, all things came into being through Him..." John 1:3. "...and the Word became flesh and lived among us" John1:14.

He became"...The FIRSTBORN within A LARGER FAMILY." Romans 8:29. n.r.s.

Two Incredible Beings

These TWO incredible beings began the concept of the family, becoming the first 'Father and Son' beginning 'The Family Of God' and 'The Human Family'.

This process will later achieve a much greater purpose in Gods' seven thousand year plan being worked out to enlarge the God Family to be expanded to thousands and to millions and later to BILLIONS of all who have ever lived!

This Is The Reason For Human Life!

Another Incredible Truth

But there is another incredible truth to learn. In order for you to become a member of Gods' Family another BIG PROMISE is made, that 'YOU will be given the ability to live forever'! John 3:16. Romans 8:17.

At first here 'on the earth,' "...and they will reign on the earth! Rev 5: 10. Later to populate every planet as God shares everything that the Head of the Family will give to His descendants, the vastness of space!

Why Do The Planets Exist?

Not following the false concept of winging our way to heaven as an immortal soul as the Greek philosophers brought back to Greece from Egypt, later accepted by the Church at Rome, starkly in contrast with the scriptural 'resurrection from the dead' at Christ's return.

See all related scriptures in 'Why Were You Born' and 'Who Will Rule Space' on Page 3 also 'What is God's Purpose For Mankind' on Page 4. And 'Does God Exist' on Pages 1 of the Library.

Be prepared for many more surprises, this will be a truly exciting eye-opening experience for you. Learn about 'your future' and the final happy peaceful outcome of America And Britains Future in the America And Britains Future Free Library.



Three million people enter the U.S. legally every year to live and work. One million become citizens each year! This figure alone is higher than ALL other nations combined! Britain admitted 30,000 each year before a common E.U. Passport was issued to half a Billion E.U. citizens. Canada and Australia also have generous immigration policies, admitting thousands each year.

Scripture shows that those coming from foreign countries, who live peacefully within the law are 'grafted in,' actually becoming part of us. These newcomers contribute to our national prosperity, they celebrate our achievements, suffer with us in our trials, and are given every opportunity to achieve their highest human potential.

In addition, Billions of dollars are sent to families around the world by these new immigrants and additional Billions of dollars and British pounds are sent in foreign aid to improve conditions in developing countries.

No other nations in world history have had these immigration rates. The American and British peoples have set an excellent example in immigration.

Our thanks go to the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It has been my privilege to have lived in four of these five countries and have been a U.S. citizen for 35 years.



Our President fly's to Quebec, Canada this week to face his recently discovered trading enemies waiting there to devour him.

But this cool-headed son of a Scottish mother is unafraid, knowing that right is on his side. Because he is determined to reduce the TWENTY TRILLION DOLLAR U.S. national debt which is more than the nation and this President can stand!

As he has said repeatedly, he holds no malice against the G7 and G20 top trading nations of the world for taking absolute advantage with their trading imbalances against the U.S. over the past forty years. Even though the U.S. has done much more than the rest of the world's nations combined to prosper every one of these nations, now with prosperous economies.

Especially Germany and China

And especially the GERMAN ECONOMY since the end of World War Two with a FIFTY BILLION annual trade imbalance with the U.S. and whose current leadership displays nothing but resentment when told that it is time to institute EVEN TRADE PRACTICES.

China will, of course, continue to flatter and play the waiting game with their MASSIVE trade imbalance which some figure at 500 BILLION annually, plus the theft of intellectual properties that should never have been allowed in the first place!

After enjoying his new found fame for eighteen months the President has now become unavoidably annoyed, with his Scottish impatiens to GET THE JOB DONE now kicking in, and has announced HEAVY TARIFFS OR ELSE, fix the problem!

The Scots are known for their ability to build and for their financial frugality which he has displayed in building his own personal fortune, and for their straight talk, something which has been missing, coming from American and British world leadership since political correctness has dominated world affairs.

Stating that "the American auto industry has suffered long enough" he has announced tariff's of 25% on foreign steel and auto imports, which most nations have long levied on U.S. vehicles making it IMPOSSIBLE for the average Japanese to ever own a Chevy!

The French Are Upset...

The French Premier Macro and the French Canadian P.M. of Canada, Trudeau are upset! Threatening to sign a G6 contract to exclude the U.S. from trade with them!

But the decision will not come from France or Canada, the German Chancellor who controls the decision-making process of the twenty-eight E.U. nations and those with E.U. trade agreements including Canada will decide what is to be done.

Merkel remains silent knowing that the vibrant German economy depends upon it's exports of FIFTY PERCENT of all manufactured goods and presently enjoys a $50 Billion dollar trade imbalance with the U.S. annually. The E.U. combined trade imbalance with the U.S. stands at $150 Billion annually.

She will probably force all to aqueous to a compromise with the President for now. But, there are those in Germany who are planning a long-term solution to U.S. world dominance which will mean A TIME OF THE MOST SEVERE TROUBLE for America and Britain!

Canadian government subsidies to its dairy farmers and lumber industry over the years is causing bankruptcy's and has left the U.S. lumber industry in Washington and Oregon in depression for years after every recession, delaying their return to stability.

Time For Even Trade Policy - Time For War...

Yes, it is time for EVEN TRADE if for no other reason than to help the guardian nation of the FREE WORLD who has sacrificed ALL and has gone into the DEEPEST DEBT of any nation in world history along with GREAT BRITAIN in order to POLICE THE WORLD, PRESERVING WORLD PEACE which has also helped to PROSPER ALL NATIONS.

The massive imbalance with China, the huge 150 Billion trade imbalance with the E.U. nations, the annual Japanese imbalances which was around 50 Billion and Mexico's rising 60 Billion imbalance, together with the total of all 20 top trading nations and groups of nations have drained U.S. assets and industry to the point where a permanent correction must now be made!

But the animosity created by this correction will turn to absolute HATRED by former WORLD WAR TWO ENEMIES who will acquire NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the very near future and unfortunately we will see TRADE WAR turn to WORLD WAR against the United States and Britain ONE LAST TIME. Believe it or believe it not, unfortunately it is going to happen!

Following The Meeting...

Following the meeting The German Chancellor's office released a photo with Merkel taking what is described as an 'Alfa Mail' stance, standing and leaning across a table in a lecture pose towards the President seated below her, with the rest of the G7 leaders in the background looking on.

No doubt this will appear on the front page of every newspaper and magazine covers across the 500,000,000 populated E.U. continent. A picture says a thousand words, but this one portrays a huge lie at the present time as the German GDP of just over 5 Billion annually is only one quarter that of the U.S., and the current GDP of all other nations at the G7 meeting combined barely equals that of the supposed 19 Billion Dollars of the U. S.

But, the fact that the Chancellors office has released such an image strongly indicates the German intention to ONE DAY dominate the United States. And that is what Germany is right now attempting to achieving through the leadership of the single nation EUROPE and with the support of the Vatican and the entire Catholic world with an additional 500,000,000 South American population!

...More on the history of the meetings of the top twenty industrial world powers known as the G7 and G20 on Page 2 of Librarian's Comments. Also see DAVOS.



President Trump's inauguration speech displayed the strength needed to lead the American people in the early 21st Century. It was one of the shortest inaugural speeches ever given, but one of the most honest in telling it like it is, as our nation lies burdened with the greatest national debt in world history! His speech also gave hope to the nation's unemployed.

Speaking of the loss of our industrial strength he said, "Rusted out factories are scattered like tombstones across the land." "...For many generation's we have prospered other nations and strengthened their defenses while our wealth disappeared over the horizon... But this was in the past, we look only to the future." "The time for empty talk is over, now arrives the time for action!" ..."We will bring back our wealth and bring back our jobs, we will get our people off welfare and back to work."

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"You have already appointed your divorce lawyers. If you think of this building as a temple, he is the high priest, a fanatic. In fact, there is only one nationalist in the room (the European Parliament). It's you! You want flags, anthems, ARMIES. You are an E.U. nationalist and I frankly, pretty much think that your appointment is a declaration of WAR on any sensible negotiation process."

These comments were made recently by twenty-year Brexit leader Nigel Farage on the floor of the European Parliament, directly to Mr. Verhofstad, one of the European Parliaments representative chosen to negotiate Britain's new trade terms with this economic and political giant. So much for the earlier command of the German Chancellor, "No need to be nasty" to Britain.

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SO, WHO GOES IN: To Bring Middle East Stability?

The Middle East and North Africa are becoming a European problem, with MILLIONS of MUSLIMS now invading Europe as refugees. Will the answer be a European full scale invasion of the Middle East as so called peace makers?

Millions of refugees from the prolonged Syrian and Iraqi wars and from the continuing civil war in Libya, as well as those fleeing ongoing wars and hunger in North African nation's are now arriving by the millions in Europe, where they are no longer being welcomed with open arms.

The European Parliament as well as the individual national governments in Europe showed compassion at first, with the German chancellor announcing her nations eagerness to welcome them, but soon after her comments with eight hundred thousand arrivals in Germany this has changed and most European nations would like to close their borders.

Perhaps the one most frightening perspective for years to come is the fact that the vast majority of those arriving are young Muslim men, in the region of 70% of the entire numbers! And threats have been made to send terrorists into Europe along with the fleeing refugees. This has raised the threat to European cities and to the Vatican!


OLD ALLIES: Sign New Trade Deal Meeting In GERMANY.

As President Trump headed to the G20 meeting in Germany via Poland on his second visit to Europe, two members of the former Axis Powers, Japan, and Germany, signed a new free trade deal.

On President Trump's first visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel took offense when he brought up the fact that the European nations including Germany had not met the long agreed two percent of GDP contribution to fund the NATO alliance. The U.S. has been paying 70% of the cost of keeping NATO in existence.

Chancellor Merkel also took offense at the President for mentioning the fact that Germany has an annual trade imbalance of more than 'fifty billion dollars' in Germany's favor with the U.S., which he wants to be corrected by Germany purchasing more U.S. goods.

Merkles Reaction

Following the visit Merkel had the German finance minister release a statement decrying Mr. Trump's statements.

Chancellor Merkel also announced that "Germany could no longer be totally dependent upon America and Britain for Germany's defense." This coincides with efforts already underway to form a new European armed forces.

See related video's on Page 2 of the Free Video Library.

Germany Re-arming Through The E.U.

Speaking of the British exit from the German-controlled twenty-seven nation European Union, Merkel stated: "Germany was now leading Europe and will do great things..."

Prophecy indicates that additional nations will attempt to escape German control, mainly the Protestant democracies, and that a TEN NATION militarized Europe will repeat the actions taken by Hitler's Germany against these same nations.

This time using nuclear weapons in a fatal attack to swiftly defeat America and Britain! Watch as US-British and German relations continue to worsen!

...More on the meetings of the top twenty industrial world powers known as the G20 on Page 2 of Librarian's Comments.



Much has been made of Russian hacking of the DNC during the 2016 U.S. elections. Hillary Clinton claims this was done to weaken her chances of winning because as Secretary of State she had complained when Mr. Putin took unfair advantage in past Russian elections. The Russian interference resulted in the expulsion of diplomats and the closure of diplomatic facilities in the U.S. 

Nothing has been mentioned regarding the head of the Vatican States involvement during the U.S. election when he openly attacked Donald Trump by name and condemned his policies. In doing so he signaled to the seventy-two million Roman Catholics in America not to vote for this Protestant candidate, working to influence American voters and the outcome of the election!

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What is this thing between the American and British people? Why the love and admiration in America for all things British? Was it because the Beatles came to America bringing with them the British Invasion of rock musicians such as Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones? 

Or because that small island nation with its back to the Atlantic ocean stood its ground against the Nazi onslaught of the German bomber fleets sent to pound British cities into the ground and the British people into submission and total surrender to a tyrannical regime only seventy-five years ago?

Read More >



The 1000 Years of World Peace is drawing ever closer, in our lifetime, even as we see the time of 'Jacob's troubles' (America and Britain) growing ever more treacherously closer, as a visible division is created between Germany, and the U.S. and Britain as the British attempt to extricate themselves from forty years of EUROPEAN CONTROL. 

In his 2017 speech to the U.N., President Trump spoke out for the freedom of individual Nation States and for FAIR TRADE around the world, rather than the formation of large trade blocks making exclusive trade agreements (then imposing their will on any nation who will not bend to their control.) Clearly referring to the government of the European Union. 

This Week In The European Parliament

In mid-October of 2017, the European Parliament's Brexit negotiator Guy Verhomsted, A MAN TO WATCH presented an additional list of demands for British compliance and had these easily approved by a two-thirds vote of the seven hundred and fifty member Parliament, making it even more difficult for Britain to leave.

The recent vote is interesting, because those voting against the Verhomsted proposal's will be those representing the next nations to attempt to leave the E.U., namely the Protestant North Western European nations who also oppose the dominance of the growing European dictatorship, now waiting for the prophesied European dictator. 

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The Wall Street Journal recently quoted our President as saying 'Fire And Fury Threat Was Not Enough.' The New York Times headline read 'North Korean Leader, Once Dismissed, Is Now In Firm Control' and the USA Today headline read 'Trump, Kim Could Find Way Back To Diplomacy.'

Following World War Two the Korean peninsula was divided between the Russian controlled North and the U.S. controlled South. Because of the onset of the 'cold war,' Russia handed control of the North over the China.

The war, between North and South Korea, was decided by the Chinese military's push south through North Korea causing the U.S. retreat to the 38th parallel, to where the U.S. military still stands on guard, almost seventy years later.

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The Catholic Church teaches that we are now in the 'Third Millennium of the Kingdome Of God On Earth' under the rule of the church at Rome with the head of that would be world dominant body ruling 'in the place of Christ'. The current Pope made mention of this time frame when addressing the U.S. Congress for the first time in 2016.

But where did the church which the Pope represents get the concept of a 'millennial rule' and how could the world have lost the original teaching of the Apostles on this vitally important subject?

We are dealing with 'Gods' 7000 Year Plan' one of the most important truths handed down by the true Church of God throughout history, teaching Gods' time table of the principal of the seven day week being applied to 'one day being a thousand years with God.'

Man Given 6000 Year Rule

Gods' plan to allow man's rule on earth to last for six days or 'six thousand years' before giving us a 'one thousand year rest' from destructive wars and World Wars culminating in the soon coming destruction of ALL LIFE on the earth, if not stopped by an overwhelming intervention by a loving God who will soon find it necessary to save us from ourselves.

He will establish His World Government under the direct rule of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem, not from Rome and NOT by a FALSE CHRIST sitting in the coming Temple to be built in Jerusalem before Christ's return!

God will replace the governments of all nations with the literal Government of God on earth 'as it is in heaven' if you learned what is referred to as The Lord's Prayer?

The Beginning Of The First Millenium

This will be the BEGINNING of the FIRST MILLENIUM of the KINGDOME OF GOD on earth. And this does not begin until World War Three has been cut short by the direct intervention of God in the person of Jesus Christ (His name meaning 'Justice and Saviour') of the human race.

And at that point in time the meaning of His name will be fully realised as all life is brought to the point where it is about to be totally wiped out!

Learn how those who were given control of the Roman state religion slowly but surely suppressed the teaching of the truth of 'Gods' 7000 Year Plan.' The history of how this was achieved is found on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

This truth is of vital importance to YOUR understanding of soon coming events affecting America and Britain's future as well as the entire world population.


"JUST WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE?": Asks the Chief Justice


In our nation where 7% of the world's population enjoy 40% of the world's wealth, God in whom we once trusted for our national security, peace, and happiness as well as our abundant food supply, now WARNS the United States that we are in danger of losing EVERYTHING!

God says "I have a controversy with the nations," beginning with America and Britain and those nations following the BAD EXAMPLE our highest courts have now set, as they overturn foundational laws once based on Gods Law.

It has been forty years and the loss of almost FORTY MILLION unborn American lives since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Gods' Law on 'the right to life' of a fetus in the womb!

Now the highest court in the land has RULED against another of Gods' foundational principals of family life. It was God who made it HIS LAW, instituting marriage as 'a contract between a man and a woman.'

Only in the nations where the greatest freedoms still exist has this foundational building block of society been demolished, even as our nations still dwells in comparative peace and safety, as the protection of a loving God is slowly being withdrawn!


Terror Attacks: See The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like'

The tragedies occurring in terror attacks in London, Manchester, and Paris saddens our nations, these attacks are mainly carried out by lone terrorists descended from the same people who have been Israelis attackers over thousands of years.

This situation is meant to make us consider whether we as the most blessed descendants of ancient Israel are now offending the God who promised to protect our nations?

A short read of 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the extensive 'America And Britain In Prophecy' or 'Ending The Arab - Israeli Impasse' on Page 1 of the Library will give you the information you need to know why this is happening.

Learn of a time in our future, after the coming World War Three attack from Germany soon to strike our nations, when all nation will live in peace, without the fear of attack.

Read the advanced GOOD NEWS of 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like.


AMERICA AND BRITAIN: In The Coming Wonderful World Tomorrow!

The American and British people have enjoyed tremendous prosperity and success throughout the last two centuries, which appears to have been handed directly to them in comparison to all other nations.

How does a small island nation suddenly find itself ruling over the largest Empire the world has ever known? And just as suddenly the North American continent becomes populated by those of similar ethnic background, set to become the greatest single nation in history.

To learn how and why these nations were meant to take center stage just when they did, see several titles on Page 1 of the America and Britains Future Free Library, including 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the extensive 'America And Britain In Prophecy' for proof of Gods' plan to fulfill His promise of national greatness made long ago to ancient Israel's descendants.

The fulfillment of that promise has been completed. Now, God's 7000-year plan is about to enter the traumatic time during the merge into the 1000 years of coming world peace! Two titles 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like' found on Page 1 and 'The Coming: Wonderful World Tomorrow!' on Page 4 of the Library picture in detail the peace and prosperity soon to come to ALL nations! See 'How The World Suppressed Gods' 7000 Year plan,' on Library Page 2.

Re-education will play a large part in the coming 1000 years of peace and prosperity. The greatest improvement will be in our change from so called 'Human Nature' to the way of outgoing concern for others and the ability to understand the purpose for human life. This is fully explained in both 'Wonderful World Tomorrow' titles.

To understand this traumatic transitional time our world is now entering see 'World Peace: How It Will Come' on Page 1 of the Library


DAVOS: E.U. And World Forum

In 2018 the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump came to DAVOS. Although unpopular with E.U. leaders, world business loves him!

The Wall Street Journal quotes the president: "I am here today to represent the interests of the American people, and to affirm America's friendship and partnership in building a better world," Mr. Trump told a packed hall of about 1,600 at the World Wide Forum.

"He talked up the U.S. economy and said, "there has never been a better time" for business to invest in the country.

The President explained that: "'America First' does not mean America alone," striking a largely conciliatory tone after what have at times been strained relations between the U.S. and it's key global allies and trading partners. (End of quote)

Summit's Began

The Davos Summits began in 1971 as a vehicle to promote European Integration. Today 2,500 world political, economic and philanthropic leaders gather in an attempt to further the peace, economic stability, good health and human rights of the world.

Although the Alpine setting lends itself to a relaxed peaceful forum, the world's troubles are carried to Davos.

The condition of the European economy and the survival of the European currency became the main topic of the 2015 conference. The announcement of the European Central Bank's stimulus package raised stock markets around the world temporarily at least.

But as one ECB board member warned, unless the 15 member nations of the Euro Zone enact the recommended reforms it was feared that the 1.1 Billion Euro stimulus offered to the member banks would not be enough to stimulate growth.

The amount of E.U. world share of exported GDP has continually declined over the life of the European Union and the U.S. economic recovery will further hamper the strength of the Euro, frustrating as this is to the Chancellor, Germany will be prepared to pay much more in order to maintain the achievements they have made in taking economic and political control of Europe.

Maintaining the Euro is a German intention, as is the creation of a Euro Armed Forces by the end of 2025!

The building of a European Nuclear Arsenal from the French and if still possible from the British Nuclear stockpile is also a German intent, and as has been reported Germany is prepared to pay! Although they have not been prepared to pay their 2% share of maintaining NATO forces.

When pressed by the President on this at the 2017 NATO meeting, the German Chancellor was reported to have replied: "the German people would not like that" and neither would they like President Trumps urging for Germany to correct their $50 billion annual trade imbalance with the U.S. which was also brought up.

Britain Going to Germany

Germany has a $30 billion trade imbalance with Britain which should also be corrected! This has not been discussed however as the British Brexit negotiators struggle to appease the German Chancellors E.U. negotiations.

You may remember former Prime Minister Cameron had to go to the German Chancellor when attempting to secure 'a better deal' to keep Britain in the E.U. This is the power now wielded by Germany in Europe, and with a European army, it may become impossible for any further departures!

As the E.U. President Jon-Claud Junker appointed by the German Chancellor stated before the E.U. army announcement: "We do not want any more Brexits."

Chinas Rise To World Power

Since Chinas rise to power, the Japanese economy was forced to suffer the loss of U.S. orders going to China and developed a 200% to GDP debt ratio, twice that of the U.S. at the time. They were forced to start down the road of cheapening the Yen by their own Quantitative Easing program, something previous Japanese governments had refused to be a part of.

The statement made by the Japanese Prime Minister at the 2014 conference, that "Japanese-Chinese relations today are similar to British-German relations before the beginning of World War One" brought the fear of full-scale military aggression to DAVOS.

King Abdullah Of Jordan

King Abdullah of Jordan joined the 2,600 in attendance at the Economic Summit since 2013, and has recently commented on the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, stating "We will agree to differ."

The Kingdom of Jordan has maintained a consistent stabilizing influence in the region as the King endeavors to supply humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of displaced families from the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

Of interest to the King would be the contents of the article on Pages 1 and 2 of Librarian's Comments titled 'So, Who Goes In: To Bring Middle East Stability.'

As this foretells a future E.U.-German invasion of several Middle Eastern nations in the not too distant future, this would be of interest to all heads of State in the Middle East, as would be 'Middle East In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the Library.




Christ's present description is given in the first chapter of Revelation.

Rather than the long-haired weakling depicted by artists who have created a totally imaginary likeness of Jesus Christ, they and the movie makers of today break the second Commandment and by doing so make a mockery of one of the two most powerful Beings in existence, as well as all that relates to God.

This does not mean that we cannot know Gods' appearance from scripture. The God Family do not leave us in ignorance as to their appearance, but we are told not to make any images or create any artists impressions of God or of anything in heaven.

In the first book of Genesis, these two great beings decide: "Let us make man in Our image." So our physical form is like Gods' yet we do not have the 'Spirit Being' appearance of God the Father or of the one who later became known as Jesus Christ. Meaning Justice and Saviour - for the work He is in the process of achieving.

You may be shocked when you read of the appearance of this incredible being. He was not and is not the effeminate weakling who's likeness some want you to carry in your mind!

Be sure to read this in Revelation 1:12-20. (You can Google It)


TO STARVE A PEOPLE: Why DROUGHT In America, Canada and Australia?

America and Britain, Canada, Australia - Your Water Supply Is DRYING UP!

The winter of 2016 was the wettest on record in 150 years! Surprisingly such conditions are common during periods of decades long severe drought.

Producing half the nations fruit and vegetables and many other crops worth $41 billion each year, California remained 95% in drought in 2015 but has recovered its reservoir storage capacity which was down to 36% with water supply to major population centers threatened!

Eighty percent of Californian rainfall drains into the ocean and in 2016 flooding has caused chaos and destruction nation wide!

See the remainder of this article to learn WHY even worsening drought conditions will return nation wide as our croplands dry out and our cities are deprived of needed water supply!



Americans see home ownership as achieving much of the American Dream. The British believe an Englishman’s home is his castle.

The failure of large U.S. mortgage providers should not detract from the achievement of U.S. contractors raising home construction figures from one million homes per year in the 90’s to two million homes each year in the early 2000’s. No nation in history has achieved such figures in home construction, a tribute to the tremendous ability of this nation's work force.

This is an achievement we may not see again until the beginning of the coming one thousand years of re-construction of our nations. America and Britain and the rest of the world will see a time when all previous records will be broken and no one need suffer foreclosure.

It was my privilege to have been a part of the teamwork which exists in the British and U.S. construction industry. I am now retired from construction after 43 years of hard physical labour or labor, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. I now work on a Mac which has a much lighter tool bar.

I am dedicated to serving the American and British people through the pages of the American And Britains Future Free Library and the ‘United States and Britain in Prophecy’ Community Outreach Program. You may wish to assist in WARNING our nations of what lies ahead, please participate in this extremely URGENT cause.

My favorite library title ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ is an eye opening look into our future, it will soon be here! Be sure to read this title on Pages 1 and in quick Question and Answer form on Page 4 of the America And Britains Future Library.

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Brian Harris... British & American. Librarian and CEO of America And Britains Future, a U.S. non-profit Corp. focused on 'the coming world peace.'

America And Britains Future is not affiliated with any publication or website.

America And Britains Future does not support any political party looking forward to the time when God directly intervenes in world affairs to establish His Government on earth.

America And Britains Future believing that all peoples are created in God's image in order to compliment Him.

If you have recently become aware of America And Britains Future you may wish to contribute, all contributions are tax deductible in the U.S.

America And Britains Future, P.O. Box 4877, Oceanside, C.A. 92052.

Today 1 Billion people suffer hunger and lack clean drinking water. Malaria kills thousands of children each year for lack of an inexpensive mosquito net! Visit: also Remember those in our local communities where we are told one in six may lack an adequate supply of food. See: to find your local food bank.


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Begin your booklet printing at home with the 12-page 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' summary or print the original, ready to be displayed in an Outreach Program in your home Town or City as a WARNING to our nations.

The 12 page copy is designed to mail for the least expensive stamp price without an envelope. Fix the mailing address to the back of the booklet.

During the past 30 years, insufficient funds have been allocated by the various Church Of God splinter groups TO WARN the American and British peoples, with only TEN PERCENT of God's tithe collectively!!!

The Church of God is now IN DANGER of facing the Ezekiel warning and the fate of the Laodicean Era if an URGENT FINAL WARNING is not commenced!

We are told there will not be time to reach every city! There is now 'A Much Greater Urgency to Finish The Work of WARNING Our Nations!'

America And Britain's Future follows the principle 'As You Have Freely Received Freely Give.' The Public Outreach Program above is FREE of charge.

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